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150 Implementing SharePoint on Azure. Lessons Learnt from a Real World Project
K.Mohamed Faizal . ReTweet
Presenting System Center Universe APAC event 11am March 6th 2015 [read]. Posted about 13 hours ago.
139 So what is this newfangled apps model anyway and why do I care? (part 3)
Paul Culmsee . ReTweet
This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Apps ModelSend to KindleHiya This is the third post in some articles aimed helping strategic or business focused users understand the SharePoint 2013 and Office365 “apps model” [read]. Posted about 21 hours ago.
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100 SharePoint 2013 Search File Extensions
Mike Smith . ReTweet
[read]. Posted about 8 hours ago.
106 Podcast 238 - I Blacked Out for a Minute
Todd Klindt . ReTweet
Body: In tonight's podcast I talk about the new changes to the SharePoint patching model. After all the whining about that is over I tell the good news that I'll be speaking at Ignite in a couple of months. Then I talk a [read]. Posted about 10 hours ago.
128 Planning Delve Deployment in Office 365
Joel Oleson . ReTweet
Delve seems to get a lot of buzz, but there are still many I hear who say… I checked it out, but I still don’t use it.  Delve is one of those tools that many users simply won’t understand until they start making i [read]. Posted about 10 hours ago.
23 I Love Me Some TypeScript
Andrew Connell . ReTweet
Blog post on typescript for publish on Thursday & Friday This week my friend Dan Wahlin and I presented at ng-conf as it will get posted soon. There was even some fantastic news that came out about TypeScript and Ang [read]. Posted about 11 hours ago.
150 Implementing SharePoint on Azure. Lessons Learnt from a Real World Project
K.Mohamed Faizal . ReTweet
Presenting System Center Universe APAC event 11am March 6th 2015 [read]. Posted about 13 hours ago.
49 3 updates to Excel Power Query
Office Blogs . ReTweet
A new update for Excel Power Query is now available to you! This update includes tremendous Performance improvements, a new Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online connector and a couple of new transformations supported in the UX. [read]. Posted about 14 hours ago.
57 The Office 2016 Mac Preview is here!
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Today’s post was written by Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president for the Office 365 Client Apps and Services team. Today is a big day for the Mac community–we’re excited to announce that a preview of the [read]. Posted about 14 hours ago.
48 Office 365 Developer Podcast: Episode 036 on Office 365 API app-only permissions with Matthias Leibmann
Office Blogs . ReTweet
In this episode Jeremy Thake talks with Matthias Leibmann about the new app-only scenarios with the Exchange Online Office 365 APIs. http://officeblogspodcastswest.blob.core.windows.net/podcasts/EP36.mp3 Download the po [read]. Posted about 14 hours ago.
122 Snow Class in Nashville
Sharepoint Solutions . ReTweet
What a great day for a class on Enterprise Content Management (aka Document Management)!! While the parking lot may be empty at the office complex, we few brave souls made it in to continue our journey of SharePoint [read]. Posted about 15 hours ago.
52 Challenges of Integrating of SharePoint with Other Systems + Question for You – 2015 AIIM Report Review, Part 3 of 4
Barry Jinks . ReTweet
SharePoint is not an island in enterprises … more and more often it’s being integrated with other enterprise systems. According to the latest AIIM SharePoint Industry Watch Report, the three most popular enterprise s [read]. Posted about 15 hours ago.
138 ShareConf 2015 in Düsseldorf | Vortrag zu OneDrive
Hans Brender . ReTweet
Auch in diesem Jahr findet sie wieder statt, die ShareConf 2015 in Düsseldorf. Also gleich den Termin, 08.-11.Juni 2015 im Kalender abspeichern. Und natürlich freue ich mich, wieder dabei zu sein. Mein Vortrag am 10.Ju [read]. Posted about 20 hours ago.
139 So what is this newfangled apps model anyway and why do I care? (part 3)
Paul Culmsee . ReTweet
This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Apps ModelSend to KindleHiya This is the third post in some articles aimed helping strategic or business focused users understand the SharePoint 2013 and Office365 “apps model” [read]. Posted about 21 hours ago.
115 Create a Subscribe Button (Alert Me Work-Around)
Veronique Palmer . ReTweet
When you try and create an alert, the link doesn’t change, a form pops up for you to fill in.  So if you try copy that link to put onto a button, it will just open the list. To get … Continue reading → [read]. Posted about 21 hours ago.
54 Fünf Irrtümer bei Cloud-Projekten. Oder: Warum die Cloud massives Umdenken in Unternehmen erzwingt – vor allem in der IT
Wolfgang Miedl . ReTweet
Um den vollen Nutzen aus der Cloud zu ziehen, sind ausgereifte Prozesse erforderlich. Und da mangelt es oft in mittelständischen Unternehmen. Sagt Marcus Bengsch, Head of Managed Services bei dem Service Provider ahd he [read]. Posted about 21 hours ago.
    The New Stuff - Wed, Mar 4th    
155 Understanding network connectivity to optimize your performance with Office 365
Office Blogs . ReTweet
If you have ever wondered how network connectivity to Office 365 works, today’s Office Mechanics show gives you an insider’s look at datacenter and network coverage in Office 365. Jeremy Chapman is joined by Paul And [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
178 Introduction to the SharePoint Online Management Shell
IT Unity . ReTweet
By Gary Lapointe How do you start working with PowerShell in SharePoint Online? This series will help you get started. [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
161 What’s new: February 2015
Office Blogs . ReTweet
February may be a short month, but it was packed with Office 365 updates. You can now preview the next chapter of Office on Windows, scan documents into PDF files from your Windows Phone, work with Office files stored in [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
111 Quelle est la différence entre un Serveur et un Server ?
Claude Couderc . ReTweet
La notion de serveur fait référence soit un ordinateur physique, qui est qualifié de « serveur », soit à une version ou une édition d’un logiciel, comme, par exemple, Windows Server 201 [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
203 OAuth is so insecure
Sahil Malik . ReTweet
SharePoint Training: more information Let me preface this by saying, the protocol or standard is not insecure. It is the implementations and the sheer lack of understanding that practically makes it s [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
122 A new foundation for connected business processes at a German pharmaceutical and chemical company
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Today’s Office 365 post was written by Dr. Matthias Geselle, a Vice President, member of the IT leadership team at Merck. Merck is the world’s oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company and is operating in 66 cou [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
160 Azure AD, OAuth2 & OpenID Connect
Andrew Connell . ReTweet
Lately you might you might notice I've been on a bit of a kick with Azure AD in some recent blog posts. In this post I want to talk about something called OpenID Connect, a technology that Microsoft's Azure AD supports a [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
68 Looking at the Different OAuth2 Flows Supported in AzureAD for Office 365 APIs
Andrew Connell . ReTweet
Lately you might you might notice I've been on a bit of a kick with Azure AD in some recent blog posts. In this post I want to talk about some of the different OAuth2 authentication flows that Azure AD supports. Specific [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
136 SharePointSendung 7 zum Thema Präsentation
Michael Greth . ReTweet
Die SharePointSendung startet nach längerer Pause in eine zweite Staffel mit einem angepassten Format. Diesmal geht es um das Thema Präsentationen. Shownotes Related posts: Yammer Thema der 3. SharePointSendung Shar [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
195 SharePoint 2013 IIS Lockdown: Dangerous HTTP methods
Nikander & Margriet Bruggeman . ReTweet
Security assessments typically advise to lockdown IIS and limit the number of available HTTP methods that can be used to the minimum. Tools such as Urlscan (http://learn.iis.net/page.aspx/473/using-urlscan) can help with [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
    The New Stuff - Tue, Mar 3rd    
161 BallAns – A Game About Life to Piss You Off
Bjorn Furuknap . ReTweet
It’s been a week or so since I’ve published my first game on Android. It sucks. It really does. And this isn’t one of those “oh, you’re too modest; it is really great” type of fishing for compliments; the gam [read]. Posted Tue, Mar 3rd '15
94 How to enable “Hey Cortana” with Windows Phone 8.1 Update in Australia
Cameron Dwyer . ReTweet
Currently only USA and UK Windows Phones can access Cortana Beta. Some other countries such as Australia have access to Cortana Alpha. The “Hey Cortana” feature which allows you to start Cortana listening by simply s [read]. Posted Tue, Mar 3rd '15
158 SharePoint 2013 Search Spelling Suggestions Confusion?
Mike Smith . ReTweet
[read]. Posted Tue, Mar 3rd '15
186 Making Clutter in Office 365 even better
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Today’s post was written by Brian Shiers, senior product marketing manager and Kumar Venkateswar, senior program manager on the Exchange team. Clutter is a feature in Office 365 designed to help you focus on the most i [read]. Posted Tue, Mar 3rd '15
158 Podcast 237 - No Oscar For You
Todd Klindt . ReTweet
Body: Shane graciously fills in for me this week while I'm on the road. He does an okay job. He talks about tablets, Yammer, SuperFish, and an idiot relative he has. He finishes up with a story on how to fail and still w [read]. Posted Tue, Mar 3rd '15
152 Podcast | MVP KaffeKlatsch–Episode 1
Hans Brender . ReTweet
wir sitzen nicht in einer Kneipe, wir trinken nicht nur Kaffee… aber der Reihe nach. Die Grundidee wurde auf der Party des letztjährigen MVP Summit  in USA geboren. Während wir gute und schlechte MVP Karaoke Dar [read]. Posted Tue, Mar 3rd '15
42 Creating a Result Block that Shows Office Graph Suggestions – Part 1
IT Unity . ReTweet
By Elio Struyf Users would use Office Graph results if those results were integrated into the SharePoint search center that users are already familiar with. Elio figured out a cool solution to do just that. [read]. Posted Tue, Mar 3rd '15
162 Winning Strategies to Bridge SharePoint Gaps – 2015 AIIM Report Review, Part 2 of 4
Barry Jinks . ReTweet
In my last post I highlighted some of the SharePoint adoption gaps uncovered in the new 2015 AIIM SharePoint Industry Watch Report. This post will discuss strategies that can be employed to address them. Over half of sur [read]. Posted Tue, Mar 3rd '15
163 SharePoint updates are no longer available through Windows Update
Roger Haueter . ReTweet
Two weeks ago I published this post (SharePoint updates are now available through Windows Update) announcing that Microsoft had started distributing SharePoint updates through Windows Update. As of today Stefan Gossner, [read]. Posted Tue, Mar 3rd '15
153 Sway now lets you add your OneNote images, use more types of web embeds, share in new ways and more!
Office Blogs . ReTweet
The promise of Sway is to make it easy for you to add, visualize and share your content in new, interactive and exciting ways. We’ve been continuously making updates during Sway Preview based on your feedback. Today we [read]. Posted Tue, Mar 3rd '15
168 SharePoint 2013 SSRS – The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error
Vlad Catrinescu . ReTweet
While (trying) to install SharePoint Server Reporting Services at one of my clients, I got into some pretty nice errors (SSRS Errors, Gotta catch ‘em all!). This one was the one that made me crazy for a few weeks b [read]. Posted Tue, Mar 3rd '15

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