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139 Microsoft Office 365 Planner Teil 4 – Aufgabenverwaltung
Michael Greth . ReTweet
Im vierten und letzten Teil der KOM4TEC-Reihe zum Microsoft Office 365 Planner zeigt Benedikt Bruns, wie die täglichen Aufgaben mit Planner organisiert und Übersichtsseiten angelegt werden können. Inhalt Anhängen [read]. Posted about 17 hours ago.
129 Microsoft Office 365 Planner Teil 3 – Projektverwaltung
Michael Greth . ReTweet
Im dritten Teil der KOM4TEC-Reihe zum Microsoft Office 365 Planner geht es um die Projektverwaltung. Benedikt Bruns zeigt in dem Video anhand von zwei Projektmethoden, wie der Office Planner für die Projektverwaltun [read]. Posted about 19 hours ago.
    The New Stuff - Thu, Jul 28th    
59 SQL Server 2016 – Reporting Services
Liam Cleary . ReTweet
With the release of SQL 2016, there are new applications that are now available to help in building reports. Once you have reporting services available, you can download them from the site. Clicking the link for Mobile [read]. Posted about 5 hours ago.
76 Six Steps to a Great User Experience [Infographic]
Beezy Blog . ReTweet
What does it take to create a great user experience? It’s a topic we regularly discuss here at Beezy, because we believe that a great UX is an important part of creating a lasting and effective digital workplace. F [read]. Posted about 6 hours ago.
37 Download entire website for offline on Mac
Sahil Malik . ReTweet
SharePoint Training: more information Sometimes you want to download a whole website (don’t ask me why), here is how you do this on a Mac. First, do a brew install wget With wget installed, run this [read]. Posted about 7 hours ago.
94 Datafloq - 5 Tips for Big Data Governance and your Customers
Mark Kruger . ReTweet
5 Tips for Big Data Governance and your Customers - Data governance should be a vital part of your data strategy. Here are 5 major actions when constructing and reinforcing data management capabilities. http://buff.ly/2 [read]. Posted about 10 hours ago.
102 Modern SharePoint lists are here—including integration with Microsoft Flow and PowerApps
Jim Ehrenberg . ReTweet
Courtesy of SharePoint Team/Jul 27, 2016   Earlier this year, we unveiled a new cloud-first, mobile-first vision and roadmap for SharePoint, which included innovations that empower people, teams and organizations to [read]. Posted about 11 hours ago.
92 Announcing monthly educator “#OneNoteQ TweetMeets” in partnership with OneNote Central
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Today, the OneNote Education team (@OneNoteEDU) and our partners are pleased to announce monthly “#OneNoteQ TweetMeets” for educators. These monthly events will include our incredible community of MIE Experts [read]. Posted about 12 hours ago.
92 Hello, Hackathon
Becky Bertram . ReTweet
Body: If you've never participated in a hackathon before, now's your chance! On August 13, GlobalHack, LaunchCode, and Propsper Women Entrpreneurs are teaming up to put on a hackathon for beginners in St. Louis. Go to ht [read]. Posted about 14 hours ago.
34 10 Technology Trends That Your Business Needs To Start Utilizing - Digital Edge
Mark Kruger . ReTweet
10 #Technology Trends That Your Business Needs To Start Utilizing via @DigitalEdge #marketing Technology is everywhere in business these days. If your company is yet to adopt any of the latest technological trends, then [read]. Posted about 14 hours ago.
60 Learning Tools for OneNote supports more languages and themes and is now generally available
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Today, we are moving Learning Tools for OneNote out of preview (announced in January) and into general availability (U.S. only). Learning Tools for OneNote was initially released as a customer preview back in January of [read]. Posted about 15 hours ago.
38 Episode 101 with Simon Jäeger on becoming an evangelist—Office 365 Developer Podcast
Office Blogs . ReTweet
In episode 101 of the Office 365 Developer Podcast, Richard diZerega and Andrew Coates talk with Simon Jäeger about his journey becoming an evangelist for Office 365 Development. http://officeblogspodcastswest.blob.cor [read]. Posted about 15 hours ago.
42 7 simple calendar tricks that will level-up your team’s productivity
Office Blogs . ReTweet
What’s the secret to maximizing productivity and efficiency? There’s no single silver bullet, but one sure-fire way to make gains is with calendar tricks that will keep you organized and focused. From scheduling “n [read]. Posted about 15 hours ago.
40 Is your company’s data secure?
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Keeping data secure is pivotal to the success of all organizations. Office 365 Enterprise E5 Plan is Microsoft’s most secure productivity solution ever—offering industry-leading security and compliance features. Micr [read]. Posted about 15 hours ago.
139 Microsoft Office 365 Planner Teil 4 – Aufgabenverwaltung
Michael Greth . ReTweet
Im vierten und letzten Teil der KOM4TEC-Reihe zum Microsoft Office 365 Planner zeigt Benedikt Bruns, wie die täglichen Aufgaben mit Planner organisiert und Übersichtsseiten angelegt werden können. Inhalt Anhängen [read]. Posted about 17 hours ago.
129 Microsoft Office 365 Planner Teil 3 – Projektverwaltung
Michael Greth . ReTweet
Im dritten Teil der KOM4TEC-Reihe zum Microsoft Office 365 Planner geht es um die Projektverwaltung. Benedikt Bruns zeigt in dem Video anhand von zwei Projektmethoden, wie der Office Planner für die Projektverwaltun [read]. Posted about 19 hours ago.
103 Microsoft Office 365 Planner Teil 2 – Brainstorming und Ideenentwicklung
Michael Greth . ReTweet
Im zweiten Teil der KOM4TEC-Reihe zum Microsoft Office 365 Planner zeigt Benedikt Bruns, wie mit dem Office Planner ein schnelles und einfaches Brainstorming erstellt werden kann und sich Ideen dauerhaft entwickeln la [read]. Posted about 21 hours ago.
49 Microsoft Office 365 Planner Teil 1 – Grundfunktionen
Michael Greth . ReTweet
Projektmanagement light oder bessere und reibungslose Teamarbeit – mit Office 365 Planner bietet Microsoft jetzt ein neues cloudbasiertes HIlfmittel an. In der vierteiligen KOM4TEC-Reihe zum Microsoft Office 365 P [read]. Posted about 21 hours ago.
121 Microsoft Partner Network Award für Locatech
Locatech . ReTweet
Wir freuen uns über den Microsoft Partner Network Award – mit Autogramm von Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Mit der Microsoft Kompetenz „Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions Silver“ hat uns Microsoft best [read]. Posted about 23 hours ago.
    The New Stuff - Wed, Jul 27th    
172 Ultimate Guide to SharePoint Size and Usage Limitations
IT Unity . ReTweet
By Matt Wade If there’s one thing all SharePointers have to keep in mind, it’s the limits of the tool you’re using. I’ve put together a useful infographic you should consult to remind yourself what limitations yo [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
174 Datafloq - The Six Dimensions of Fog Computing: Bees “Waggle Dance” and Decision
Mark Kruger . ReTweet
The Six Dimensions of Fog Computing: Bees “Waggle Dance” and Decision Making - The Internet of Things results in geographically-distributed and latency-sensitive applications; bring in fog computing to make sense of [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
202 Datafloq - Why Organizations Should Improve Their Big Data Security
Mark Kruger . ReTweet
Why Organizations Should Improve Their Big Data Security - Companies dealing with Big Data need to keep their customers’ data safe, especially taking into consideration the significant increase of cybercrime. http://b [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
121 Take a systematic approach to security and information protection with Office 365
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Today’s post was written by Brenda Carter, principal content developer for Office 365 enterprise adoption. Microsoft provides the most comprehensive set of identity and information protection capabilities for customers [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
119 Ende der SharePoint-Desktop-Integration: Alternativen zu “Im Explorer öffnen”
Wolfgang Miedl . ReTweet
Nach wie vor gilt SharePoint in vielen Projekten als File-Server-Ersatz. Die Benutzer erwarten dabei einen Explorer-Zugriff auf ihr “Home-Laufwerk” und die entsprechend nahtlose Integration von SharePoint-Ressourcen [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
81 Register for “From Demo to Action: Tips from everyday users” on Modern Workplace
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Finding the right tools to improve productivity and communication in your company can be a challenge—but what about implementation? Register now for the next episode of Modern Workplace, “From Demo to Action: Tips f [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
58 Kelly Services—putting nearly one million people to work every year, one great hire at a time
Office Blogs . ReTweet
// Hide elements after the first to prevent flash of unstyled content // But only if JS is enabled. var head = document.head || document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0]; var css = '.cs-video-item:not(:first-chil [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
160 Using OneNote for Meeting Minutes
IT Unity . ReTweet
By Thomas Duff When you are the organizer of a meeting, you typically have to take notes of the meeting and share them with all the participants. This can sometimes be a lot of work. Did you know there's an easier way to [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
106 Blog Update: No more RSS, Moving New Blog Post Notifications to Email
Andrew Connell . ReTweet
After years of struggling to find a solution to something that's bothered me, I'm finally making a big change on my site. Starting immediately after this post, I will no longer syndicate my content out in an RSS feed. Af [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
143 008 IF ELSE IF en ASP.NET
Claude Couderc . ReTweet
Cette vidéo présente les syntaxes de l’instruction IF. Vous y verrez l’utilisation du IF avec bloc d’instructions. Téléchargez la vidéo : 008 IF ELSE IF en ASP.NET Téléchargez les exemples de cod [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
179 Ausge-Cluttert: Outlook erhält Focussed Inbox und @mentions
Wolfgang Miedl . ReTweet
Microsoft arbeitet weiter daran, den Ruf der ineffizienten E-Mail aufzupolieren. Bei der Einführung mit Office 2016 wurde Clutter als Innovation angepriesen, die die Ablenkung der Benutzer durch unwichtige Mails minimie [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
    The New Stuff - Tue, Jul 26th    
176 Where to find Reactive Extensions 2.2.5
Pieter Pieter . ReTweet
The latest and greatest Reactive Extensions v3 has been released. With it came a name change to the NuGet packages: Rx-Main is now System.ReactiveRx-Core is now System.Reactive.CoreRx-Interfaces is now System.Reactive.In [read]. Posted Tue, Jul 26th '16
243 Desktop Icon to launch Office 365 PowerShell
Jeff Jones . ReTweet
Check this video out to see a Desktop Icon that launches PowerShell and automatically logs in to your Office 365 Tenant URL. It leverages both the SPO (TechNet) and PNP (GitHub) cmdlets to open two connections. From [read]. Posted Tue, Jul 26th '16
211 Check if Google Play Services are availble in Xamarin
Pieter Pieter . ReTweet
This is actually pretty easy. Make sure you have Xamarin.GooglePlayServices.Gcm installed in your project. Then use the following code: Remember to call GoogleServices.Init(this) in your MainActivity after Forms.Ini [read]. Posted Tue, Jul 26th '16
210 How Can You Justify Investing in Big Data?
Matt Overton . ReTweet
One of the most important business questions about big data is how do you accurately measure return on investment (ROI)?  This question is continually asked by marketers and big data experts alike, yet the answer seems [read]. Posted Tue, Jul 26th '16
82 Generate sample data for SharePoint with Acceleratio.SPDG
Toni Frankola . ReTweet
Many of you have probably been wondering how to create sample data and populate SharePoint. Whether you need sample data for testing purposes or demos, we’ve come up with a tool that can help generate mock SharePoi [read]. Posted Tue, Jul 26th '16
203 No Good Answers for Office 365 Backups
IT Unity . ReTweet
By Tony Redmond Vendors of backup software often focus on the data belonging to a single application. It’s an approach that does not work for Office 365 where new applications use components drawn from multiple workloa [read]. Posted Tue, Jul 26th '16
219 Think of Big Data as Accelerated, Enhanced Data
Matt Overton . ReTweet
We know you have heard it before – the buzzword, “big data.”  People are fascinated by it.  They love to talk about it, but when you ask them what it means, you will rarely hear the same answer twice.  We are go [read]. Posted Tue, Jul 26th '16

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