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77 Sorting your web browser bookmarks
IT Unity . ReTweet
By Thomas Duff I received a question from a customer this week asking if there was a way to sort bookmarks in their web browser. Here's what I found out. [read]. Posted about 17 hours ago.
69 Migrate SharePoint JavaScript customizations to SharePoint Framework – jQuery AJAX calls and showing data
SPCAF Blog . ReTweet
  Many SharePoint customizations use jQuery to communicate with SharePoint and show the results on the page. Here is how you could migrate such a customization to SharePoint Framework. Communicating with SharePoint [read]. Posted about 14 hours ago.
    The New Stuff - Fri, Dec 2nd    
40 Podcast 316 - Turn that Frown Upside Down
Todd Klindt . ReTweet
Body: This week's podcast is hilarious mess of production woes. Shane and I try out some streaming software with disastrous effect. Next week will be better. It just has to be. :) We get the duct tape out, we fix things [read]. Posted about 10 hours ago.
58 Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Architecture - Deep Dive
Chirs Givens . ReTweet
One of the hot features of Office 365 and "by inheritance" in SharePoint 2016 is Data Loss Prevention (DLP). DLP allows you to execute search queries on your content to find possible "Sensitive Data Types". You can fin [read]. Posted about 13 hours ago.
26 Accessibility in Office 365—enabling greater digital inclusion
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Today’s post was written by John Jendrezak, accessibility lead and partner director of program management for the Office Engineering team. Tomorrow marks the 2016 International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD), [read]. Posted about 14 hours ago.
24 Are you holding the right kind of meeting?
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Meetings are starting to get a bad rap. A Harris survey for Clarizen reports 46 percent of employees would rather do anything other than attend a status meeting—8 percent said they’d prefer a root canal. Regardless o [read]. Posted about 14 hours ago.
25 Microsoft Bookings featured on Good Morning America—watch now!
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Good Morning America’s newest segment, “Boosting Your Business,” sponsored by Microsoft Office, provides entrepreneurs with simple tips and tools to help grow their businesses. In this first segment, Good Morning A [read]. Posted about 14 hours ago.
69 Migrate SharePoint JavaScript customizations to SharePoint Framework – jQuery AJAX calls and showing data
SPCAF Blog . ReTweet
  Many SharePoint customizations use jQuery to communicate with SharePoint and show the results on the page. Here is how you could migrate such a customization to SharePoint Framework. Communicating with SharePoint [read]. Posted about 14 hours ago.
77 Sorting your web browser bookmarks
IT Unity . ReTweet
By Thomas Duff I received a question from a customer this week asking if there was a way to sort bookmarks in their web browser. Here's what I found out. [read]. Posted about 17 hours ago.
85 We’re starting to write production code on the SharePoint Framework now. Should you?
Chris O'Brien . ReTweet
I’ve been writing and speaking on the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) for a while now, but in many ways it’s all been a bit theoretical so far. After all, SPFx is still in preview at the time of writing (early December 2 [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
80 November 2016 Content Wrap-Up
Christian Buckley . ReTweet
The Beezy team at the European SharePoint Conference in Vienna, Austria taking home the award for Most Innovative Cloud Solution for 2016 Ok, November was kind of a big deal. If you recall, at the end of last month I was [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
    The New Stuff - Thu, Dec 1st    
78 Issues launching Outlook add-ins directly to a SPA route using fragment URLs
Cameron Dwyer . ReTweet
Modern Single Page Applications (SPAs) run in the browser as a single HTML page and use JavaScript to dynamically load content and provide the functionality of the application without having to reload the entire browser [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
96 SPA Series: Using sp-rest-proxy for local web development against real SharePoint data
Serge van den Oever . ReTweet
A very interesting tool called sp-rest-proxy enables us to do local web development against real SharePoint data. All REST api requests are proxied to the real SharePoint in the context of a configured site under the cre [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
100 Cmd’s I used to build Pi
Simon Binaryjam . ReTweet
Not really for anyone else but me, but if you interested in building a pi with homeassistant.io  then feel free. Watch this video cos its the best i’ve seen so far   [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
57 SharePoint on Azure – Why I Won’t Recommend It
Trevor Seward . ReTweet
Microsoft is moving, or trying to get you to move everything to the cloud, either by way of Office 365 with SharePoint Online, Exchange, and other products, or via Azure for custom development and of course… Infras [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
82 Planning a secure future for your company
Office Blogs . ReTweet
When it comes to technology in the workplace, most every convenience is balanced against a potential threat. Email and the cloud—for as much as they’ve revolutionized the way we do business—have enabled new methods [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
49 New cloud storage options for Office on Android
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Today’s post was written by Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president for the Office team. We are excited to announce that the Cloud Storage Partner Program (CSPP) is now available for the Office apps on Android devi [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
47 November 2016 updates for Get & Transform in Excel 2016 and the Power Query add-in
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Excel 2016 includes a powerful new set of features based on the Power Query technology, which provides fast, easy data gathering and shaping capabilities and can be accessed through the Get & Transform section on the [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
47 Episode 109 with Richard and Andrew—Office 365 Developer Podcast
Office Blogs . ReTweet
The Office 365 Developer Podcast is back with episode 109, where Richard and Andrew catch up on all Office 365 Developer news since the last show. https://officeblogspodcastswest.blob.core.windows.net/podcasts/EP109_Sho [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
94 The life of an email hack
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Everyone has witnessed the effects of an email hack, whether at work or at home. While your personal risk of being hacked may seem low, the threat to your company’s data is serious. According to Proofpoint, business em [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
94 Podcast 314 - The L and the R, No the Backwards L
Todd Klindt . ReTweet
Body: I'm gone, and Shane tries his best to do my podcasting legacy proud with this episode. He spends a bunch of time talking about SharePoint 2016 Feature Pack 1. He covers how to install it, and how to use it for hybr [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
48 Podcast 313 - Shane Scratchin' It
Todd Klindt . ReTweet
Body: The audio in this episode gets a little rough, sorry. I tried to edit it all out, but it snuck in a little. When Hangouts were cooperating, Shane and I talked about the new OneDrive for Business client, and how it [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
41 Podcast 315 - Touch Me on Grindr
Todd Klindt . ReTweet
Body: In this episode Shane and I chat about how great my vacation was and how little I missed him while I was gone. Then we talk about exciting topics like Double Dare and Azure Bots. We do cover a couple of important t [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
144 Issues when adding SharePoint add-ins
Nikander & Margriet Bruggeman . ReTweet
We experienced two issues when adding SharePoint add-ins and thought to share. Issue: Add-ins can be added to some sites but not to others Cause: Certain add-in permissions require the activation of specific SharePoint f [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
111 How to install Office Online Server for SharePoint 2016
Roger Haueter . ReTweet
Office Online Server is the successor to Office Web Apps Server. It may be connected to SharePoint, Exchange, Skype for Business and many other applications to display, create, edit Microsoft Office documents. The follow [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
    The New Stuff - Wed, Nov 30th    
135 Extending PowerApps and Flow, part 2: Extending PowerApps expression language with Azure API Apps
Adis Jugo . ReTweet
In the first article in this series, I wrote about building PowerApps from the custom data sources using Azure API Apps. But, since the built-in expression language in PowerApps is not particularly powerful (number of ev [read]. Posted Wed, Nov 30th '16
103 Try SPDocKit Pulse!
Adis Jugo . ReTweet
Today, the SharePoint world got a nice surprise from the firma Acceleratio, the creators of the legendary SPDocKit SharePoint documentation and governance tool. This new free (!!!) tool, SPDocKit Pulse, can run from any [read]. Posted Wed, Nov 30th '16
110 Georgia State University tackles malware with Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Today’s post was written by Ren Flot, chief information security officer and director of cyber security at Georgia State University. As the chief information security officer at Georgia State University, my job is focu [read]. Posted Wed, Nov 30th '16
127 MVP Reconnect Program announced by Microsoft
Noorez Khamis . ReTweet
Body: ​Are you a former recognized Microsoft MVP?  This new program from Microsoft is for you.Over the years, Microsoft has received feedback from former MVPs that they were looking for ways to stay in touch with [read]. Posted Wed, Nov 30th '16
129 Presenting a new free SharePoint tool – SPDocKit Pulse!
Toni Frankola . ReTweet
The holidays are coming and the SPDocKit team decided to surprise you with a new, and above all, free useful application to autodetect SharePoint farms in your domain and monitor farm performance in real time. How can yo [read]. Posted Wed, Nov 30th '16
178 Pourquoi Les Pirates Informatiques S’attaqueraient-ils À Moi ?
Claude Couderc . ReTweet
Qu’est-ce qu’ils gagnent à le faire ? Un Cybercriminel a aussi des enfants à nourrir! Mais il n’y a pas d’argent dans mon ordinateur ou dans mon smartphone ? Il y a bien un petit d’argent et d’or dans les c [read]. Posted Wed, Nov 30th '16
72 How to use the new Microsoft Teams
Laura Rogers . ReTweet
Microsoft announced and rolled out a new product last week, called Microsoft Teams.  What’s it for? There are a lot of things you can do in teams, but simply stated, it is an app that gives you the ability to have con [read]. Posted Wed, Nov 30th '16
    The New Stuff - Tue, Nov 29th    
151 Extending PowerApps and Flow, part 1: Adding custom data sources through Azure API Apps
Adis Jugo . ReTweet
After multiple sessions about extending PowerApps with custom code I had during the past six months, a lot of people have asked me if I could write it all down. Since PowerApps are declared by Microsoft as a successor of [read]. Posted Tue, Nov 29th '16
68 Datasheet View error and solution: The list cannot be displayed in Datasheet view for one or more of the following reasons
Miles Kan . ReTweet
Error message: The list cannot be displayed in Datasheet view for one or more of the following reasons: – A datasheet component compatible with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation is not installed. – Your Web bro [read]. Posted Tue, Nov 29th '16
130 provided no title for this post.
Doug Ortiz . ReTweet
Great comparison between cloud providers. In summary, it seems Google Cloud is the most affordable Cloud provider when computing is taken into account. Article details: ZDNet Cloud Compute Pricing Bake Off [read]. Posted Tue, Nov 29th '16
115 Query variables in SharePoint Server 2013
Paul Schaeflein . ReTweet
Posted here for easier retrieval: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj683123.aspx [read]. Posted Tue, Nov 29th '16
109 Session State Causing Upgrade Failure
Trevor Seward . ReTweet
This was a new one for me. I was working on a farm where the Session State Service caused a failure during the upgrade process (patching). The ULS looked like the below. Install-SPService yielded the same error. Looking [read]. Posted Tue, Nov 29th '16

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