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41 Face your Fear! The Halloween Season is Here!
Keith Richie . ReTweet
The Halloween Season is upon us, and you know what that means. It means many of you will either be visiting Haunted Attractions or hosting them yourselves.  If you are hosting your own attraction, you’re surely&# [read]. Posted about 5 hours ago.
    The New Stuff - Sat, Oct 1st    
41 Face your Fear! The Halloween Season is Here!
Keith Richie . ReTweet
The Halloween Season is upon us, and you know what that means. It means many of you will either be visiting Haunted Attractions or hosting them yourselves.  If you are hosting your own attraction, you’re surely&# [read]. Posted about 5 hours ago.
    The New Stuff - Fri, Sep 30th    
130 Datafloq - How Can You Reduce Storage Complexity In Your Data Center?
Mark Kruger . ReTweet
How Can You Reduce Storage Complexity In Your Data Center? - #BigData As the volume of data we store grows ever larger, complexity is inevitable. So, how can you properly manage all that big data in your data warehouse? [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
140 Three Approaches to Auditing a SharePoint Farm
Matthew McDermott . ReTweet
Now that my new Pluralsight course Upgrading Your Farm to SharePoint 2016 is nearly complete, I thought it would be a good time to get back into blogging about what I have learned along the way. First off, upgrades can t [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
171 Office 365 news roundup
Office Blogs . ReTweet
At the annual Microsoft Ignite Conference in Atlanta earlier this week, we announced many new updates and improvements to Office 365, designed to help IT professionals drive digital transformation within their organizati [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
66 Slide deck – Modern sites and the SharePoint Framework
Chris O'Brien . ReTweet
Just a quick post of the slide deck I used for my talk last night at the SharePoint User Group. I talked about the changes for “modern sites” in SharePoint, and looked at things from the end-user and developer point [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
35 Changing an Outlook email from plain text to HTML
IT Unity . ReTweet
By Thomas Duff If you get Outlook emails that are formatted as plain text, your replies will also default to plain text. However, there is a way to change the formatting to HTML or Rich Text. [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
91 Want to capture the last logon time for the #ProjectOnline PWA users? #PPM #JavaScript #Office365 #SharePoint
Paul Mather . ReTweet
This is a supporting blog post for a new JavaScript file I have published to the Microsoft Gallery, it can be downloaded here: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Capture-Online-user-last-43621a21 Microsoft recently re [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
147 Tipp: Berechtigungen in SharePoint managen – die Krux mit Vererbung und Unterbrechung
Wolfgang Miedl . ReTweet
googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1474982319659-3'); }); Beim Aufbau einer SharePoint-Site im Unternehmen spielt die Vergabe von Zugriffsberechtigungen eine zentrale Rolle. Diese Aufgabe is [read]. Posted 1 day ago.
    The New Stuff - Thu, Sep 29th    
165 Is Material Design killing the Web?
Mark Kruger . ReTweet
Is Material Design killing the Web? by @WebdesignerDepot #design #material Material Design is the “it” phrase that many designers are talking about right now. The concept, which was developed by Google for Android [read]. Posted Thu, Sep 29th '16
113 Tipps zur Bewältigung der IGNITE Informationsflut
Michael Greth . ReTweet
In Atlanta geben sich über 20.000 Teilnehmer auf der größten „Innovation and Transformation“ Konferenz, der Microsoft Ignite 2016, ein Stelldichein. In über 1.200 Vorträgen gibt es die große Rundumverso [read]. Posted Thu, Sep 29th '16
40 Boost seller productivity with Skype for Business and Salesforce
Office Blogs . ReTweet
Amidst all the disruption that enterprises are experiencing today, one thing has remained constant—real-time communications are still fundamental to workplace productivity. By embedding real-time communications into ap [read]. Posted Thu, Sep 29th '16
38 The Hershey Company: where collaboration and productivity are a recipe for goodness
Office Blogs . ReTweet
// Hide elements after the first to prevent flash of unstyled content // But only if JS is enabled. var head = document.head || document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0]; var css = '.cs-video-item:not(:first-chil [read]. Posted Thu, Sep 29th '16
199 Microsoft Ignite SharePoint Office 365 Highlights Thoughts and Perspectives #Office365 #MSIgnite
Joel Oleson . ReTweet
It’s been a fascinating week that for me started out by seeing Satya Nadella on stage with the Adobe CEO.  Then later in the week hearing an attendee saying, I don’t want to hear anything about SQL Server unless you [read]. Posted Thu, Sep 29th '16
46 OneDrive for Business | Sessions from Ignite 2016
Hans Brender . ReTweet
You are interested on the latest Microsoft News from Ignite Conference at Atlanta of OneDrive for Business, OneDrive and the Next Generation Sync Client? Here are all recorded Session (bookmark this side, I will add more [read]. Posted Thu, Sep 29th '16
111 Office 365 Groups update: iPad App Now Available
Jasper Oosterveld . ReTweet
The Outlook Groups on iPad is now available in the Apple App Store. How does this affect me? End users can download the Outlook Groups to their iPads, giving them an optimized Outlook Groups experience. What do I need to [read]. Posted Thu, Sep 29th '16
46 Office 365 Update: New Office 365 admin center reaching GA
Jasper Oosterveld . ReTweet
The new Office 365 admin center has reached general availability. One year ago, we started building a new modern Office 365 Admin Center that provides admins with an improved management experience that makes it easier an [read]. Posted Thu, Sep 29th '16
49 Office 365 update: New Office 365 App Launcher
Jasper Oosterveld . ReTweet
The New Office 365 App Launcher is a new Office 365 feature. You’ll begin seeing this new feature over the coming weeks, starting in October with rollout expected to complete by the end of the month. How does this affe [read]. Posted Thu, Sep 29th '16
160 Developing and testing JavaScript / Node.js Azure Functions locally
Elio Struyf . ReTweet
Azure functions are available for a while now. Their purpose is to have an event-driven compute without maintaining any server or applications. On my Azure environment, I have various of these small functions running. Th [read]. Posted Thu, Sep 29th '16
147 Rencore and AvePoint partner to help you get your SharePoint customizations under control
SPCAF Blog . ReTweet
One of the best things about SharePoint? It has to be how much flexibility the platform offers and supports. No matter how your business works, whatever processes and activities your employees perform, SharePoint can be [read]. Posted Thu, Sep 29th '16
55 AvePoint Partners with Rencore to Enhance and Secure SharePoint Customization Deployment at Microsoft Ignite 2016
SPCAF Blog . ReTweet
Partnership combines AvePoint’s SharePoint deployment management solution with Rencore’s code analysis framework to help customers confidently deploy customizations into the cloud and on premises Atlanta— September [read]. Posted Thu, Sep 29th '16
185 Ignite Day 4: Successful Collaboration
Beezy Blog . ReTweet
It’s amazing how fast this week in Atlanta has gone by — and it’s been great to see the flow of MVPs, partners, and customers coming through the Beezy booth (2044) at Microsoft Ignite 2016. On Wednesday [read]. Posted Thu, Sep 29th '16
    The New Stuff - Wed, Sep 28th    
167 Ignite-Bits: Die Classic-Ansicht von Dokumentenbibliotheken ist weiterhin funktional besser als Modern (2016)
Wolfgang Miedl . ReTweet
googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1474982319659-3'); }); Seit Montag hält Microsoft in Atlanta die große Business-Konferenz Ignite ab, und auch zu Office 365 und SharePoint gibt es dort e [read]. Posted Wed, Sep 28th '16
193 Cassette: The App for Designers to Record Better User Interviews
Mark Kruger . ReTweet
Cassette is an app for designers to record better user interviews #design #userexperience If you're curious what a user interview is you're in good company. I had to research it myself before writing this article. A use [read]. Posted Wed, Sep 28th '16
104 Source Code: Build cross-platform native mobile applications integrated with Office 365 using Xamarin
Yaroslav Pentsarskyy . ReTweet
Hey all, Thank you for attending MS Ignite session on “Build cross-platform native mobile applications integrated with Office 365 using Xamarin”. Here is the source code we used in the demo. Few tweaks to a c [read]. Posted Wed, Sep 28th '16
125 Must see Microsoft Ignite 2016 sessions and videos
Roger Haueter . ReTweet
Here’s a collection of the ‘must see’ SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure sessions at Microsoft Ignite 2016 (so far). Enjoy the videos! Learn how SharePoint is reinventing content collaboration: vision and [read]. Posted Wed, Sep 28th '16
120 Microsoft Re-Adopts Yammer as a first class citizen
Mark Kruger . ReTweet
“The reports of Yammer’s death are greatly exaggerated” Ignite Attendee Shortly after Microsoft purchased Yammer in the summer of 2012, it was all that the Office division could t… http://ift.tt/2dtE3cB from iIm [read]. Posted Wed, Sep 28th '16
66 The Invisible UI
Mark Kruger . ReTweet
"The Invisible UI" by @NotJoshCookfair #design #ui #ux You roll into your driveway, hit the garage door opener, and pull your car into your garage. You fumble with your keychain to find the… http://buff.ly/2cKgbSy fr [read]. Posted Wed, Sep 28th '16
115 Hot NEW download – SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool (SMAT)
Jeff Jones . ReTweet
Microsoft recently published SMAT (SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool) to scan your on-prem SharePoint 2013/2016 farm and prepare for Office 365 migration by reporting on potential issues. Below are details on the co [read]. Posted Wed, Sep 28th '16
92 017 Garder les valeurs avec ViewState en ASP.NET
Claude Couderc . ReTweet
Cette vidéo explique comment ViewState vous permet de conserver les données des pages Web écrites en ASP.NET, entre deux requêtes http. Téléchargez la vidéo : 017 Garder les valeurs avec ViewState en ASP.NET Tél [read]. Posted Wed, Sep 28th '16
129 Microsoft Ignite 2016 Day 2: SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure summary
Roger Haueter . ReTweet
The second day of Microsoft Ignite is over, but not the flood of new announcements.  I summarized the most relevant announcements of Day 2 about SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure from an IT-Pro perspective. Read this [read]. Posted Wed, Sep 28th '16
104 Im Gespräch: Patrick Püntener MatchPoint SharePoint Framework
Michael Greth . ReTweet
Michael Greth im Gespräch mit Patrick Püntener auf der Social Business Collaboration 2016 in Berlin #wcsocbiz   „MatchPoint Snow is built on the award-winning “managed-code” framework for SharePoint, th [read]. Posted Wed, Sep 28th '16
115 [msignite] Wo kann ich die Vorträge On-Demand ansehen?
Michael Greth . ReTweet
Die Vorträge der Microsoft Ignite werden nach und nach On-Demand bereitgestellt. Dazu sollte man 3 Websites im Augebehalten Website: Microsoft Ignite On-Demand – Übersicht Youtube: MS IGNITE Channel – Vi [read]. Posted Wed, Sep 28th '16
128 Ignite Day 3: The Cornerstone of the Digital Workplace
Beezy Blog . ReTweet
We’re already to Day 3 of the Microsoft Ignite event in Atlanta, Georgia, and the activity inside the Beezy booth (2044) is heating up. We had some amazing discussions and partner sessions on Tuesday, and we have m [read]. Posted Wed, Sep 28th '16
    The New Stuff - Tue, Sep 27th    
250 Introducing the new Office 365 App Launcher
Office Blogs . ReTweet
As we continue to expand the great set of online productivity tools available to Office 365 users, we are committed to improving the experience that ties these services together. Today, we’re announcing a new version o [read]. Posted Tue, Sep 27th '16
199 Azure Information Protection
Liam Cleary . ReTweet
One of the new features that is about to go live is “Azure Information Protection“, which in reality is the cloud version of “Rights Management Services” but better. You can read more about it her [read]. Posted Tue, Sep 27th '16

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