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Office 365 Update: New Office 365 Profile Card Experience
Jasper Oosterveld
We’re rolling out a major update to the Office 365 profile card experience. You’ll begin seeing this change today in OneDrive for Business and SharePoint. How does this affect me? We’re overhauling the profile card experience to enhance the way users collaborate with colleagues and external contacts. You can access the new profile cards by hovering over the names of people from your organization that appear in OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online and selecting the ‘See [read].
Posted: Tue, Mar 21st '17

Office 365 Update: Office 365 Groups invite to join
Jasper Oosterveld
We are introducing a new feature for group users to create an invite link for any group they are part of and share it with others. This message is associated with Office 365 Roadmap ID 71997. How does this affect me? The invite link can be emailed or can be copied and pasted to any other channels. The users who click on this invite link will join the public group automatically and will join private groups on approval from group owners. This feature is available only on Outlook on Web. What do I [read].
Posted: Tue, Mar 21st '17

Create a Lookup column from a list in a separate web
Paul Beck
Problem: I have a site collection (SPSite) with multiple sites (SPWeb) and I have a reference list in the SPSite (root web) that I want to use from multiple lists in the sites (SPWeb). Resolution: I recorded this short video that shows how to create a lookup site column in the site collection and then at the list within a sub web, you can associate the lookup. [read].
Posted: Tue, Mar 21st '17

Common Error: “Verify that the critical User Profile Application and User Profile Proxy Application timer jobs are available and have not been mistakenly deleted.” after February 2017 CU for SharePoint Server 2016
Stefan Gossner . Planet SharePoint Rank: 8 . Technorati Rank: 76,867
February 2017 CU for SharePoint Server 2016 includes a new timer job “Updates Profile Memberships and Relationships Job” which should runs by default every five minutes to update the changes after an import. A problem in the installation of February 2017 CU prevents this timerjob from being installed correctly and this will lead to the... [read].
Posted: Tue, Mar 21st '17

Yammer Integration mit Office 365 Groups

Vor einigen Wochen hat Microsoft mit dem Roll-Out der Yammer Integration mit Office 365 Groups begonnen. Bei First Release Office 365 Tenants steht die Funktion bereits zur Verfügung. Zu jeder Yammer Group erstellt Office 365 automatisch auch eine Office 365 Group. … Weiterlesen → [read].
Posted: Tue, Mar 21st '17
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#ProjectOnline – 1 PWA site collection for all or 1 per department? #O365 #PPM #PMOT #Office365 #MSProject
Paul Mather
A question I hear a few times from organisations is “We have a new department or business unit coming on-board with Project Online, do we need a new PWA instance for them or can we use the one we already have?” The answer isn’t normally a straightforward yes or no. This post aims to cover […] [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 20th '17

Free Webinar on Document Assembly and Automated Document Generation with SharePoint and Office 365
Joel Oleson . Planet SharePoint Rank: 6 . Technorati Rank: 58,801
A ton of investments have been made in Office over time to support document assembly and document generation in Office 365 and SharePoint. This webinar will showcase these improvements [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 20th '17

Outlook 2016 for Mac adds Touch Bar support and now comes with your favorite apps
Office Blogs
Last week, Outlook for Mac released two highly requested features designed to help you get more done, quickly. First, we added support for the Touch Bar for MacBook Pro users. Through the Touch Bar, we intelligently put the most common inbox, formatting and view commands at your fingertips—all based on what you’re doing in Outlook. Additionally, we’re bringing your favorite apps to your inbox with add-ins for Outlook for Mac. Whether it’s translating emails on the fly or updating your no [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 20th '17

New reasons to make Microsoft Bookings the go-to scheduling software for your business
Office Blogs
Last year, we released Microsoft Bookings to customers in the U.S. and Canada, introducing an easy way for small businesses to schedule and manage appointments with their customers. Today, we are pleased to announce that we’re beginning to roll out the service to Office 365 Business Premium subscribers worldwide. Based on your feedback, we are bringing several new features to Bookings: Add your Office 365 calendar to Bookings—Connect your Office 365 calendar to Bookings, so that the times y [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 20th '17

Improving patient health through collaboration, innovation and efficiency with Office 365
Office Blogs
Today’s Microsoft Office 365 post was written by Dennis Giles, director of Unified Communications for Advocate Health Care. Traditionally, hospitals concentrated on taking care of patients while they were within the walls of the building. Today, there’s a new model for healthcare, one in which hospitals and healthcare systems look beyond the facility itself, helping patients avoid hospital stays and ensuring the best possible long-term outcomes. That new model requires a new way of thinking [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 20th '17

Singleton object in JavaScript
Paul Schaeflein . Planet SharePoint Rank: 88 . Technorati Rank: 739,956
I developed a set of components that all read from the User Profile store. They are each designed to be independent, but are likely to be used together in a few variations. There is a risk that the number of calls to the REST endpoint for the profile gets hammered with all the requests. This is a perfect use case for the Singleton pattern in JavaScript. I wrote a slightly different version from what is shown at that link. Instead of returning an object, I am returning a promise. var sc = sc [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 20th '17

SharePoint 2016 Site Template ID List for PowerShell
Vlad Catrinescu
When creating a new Site Collection by PowerShell, we have the option to apply the Site Template Directly, however you must know the Template ID for that site. For example you will need to give PowerShell the #STS1 to create a team site.  Here is the SharePoint 2016 Site Template ID List for you to use in your own PowerShell scrips. This is really all the available templates, however some of them are obsolete (as marked in their description), so do not use them. An example to create a Team s [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 20th '17

Help me reach my goal for Gunslinger!
Keith Richie . Planet SharePoint Rank: 68 . Technorati Rank: 600,161
You may or may not be aware of my current Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds to have a physical CD produced for my next album Gunslinger – A Journey to The Dark Tower in Music:… More [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 20th '17

Excel Hyperlinks… more than just web addresses
One Minute Office Magic
A hyperlink can be so much more, and Excel makes it easy for you to explore the possibilities. [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 20th '17

Get to know who is tracking your mails via the Microsoft Graph and Azure Functions
Elio Struyf
We all get a lot of emails every day. Did you know that some of these emails are being tracked by others? There are various kinds of email trackers available, most of them work by inserting hidden images and/or changing the links in the mail by a tracking prefix. This allows them to see when The post Get to know who is tracking your mails via the Microsoft Graph and Azure Functions appeared first on Elio Struyf. [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 20th '17

Utilizzare SharePoint Online come CDN
Giuseppe Marchi
In SharePoint Online è ora possibile configurare una specifica document library per essere raggiungibile senza autenticazione e fungere quindi da CDN per i contenuti che decidete di inserire. Questa funzionalità è stata aggiunta per dare una rapida opzione di deployment per le Client Side Web Part dello SharePoint Framework che, di default, non contengono la logica della web part ma solo la referenza al bundle Javascript generato e hostato all'esterno di SharePoint.Vediamo come possiamo abili [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 20th '17

Jumpstart Your Digital Transformation
Beezy Blog
Everyone is talking about the need to transform their business tools and processes, and adopt a Digital Workplace strategy. What this means to your business depends on a number of different factors, but the primary idea is to create a workplace environment that is centered around collaboration, communication, and automation. As more and more organizations […] The post Jumpstart Your Digital Transformation appeared first on Beezy - Your Digital Workplace. [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 20th '17

Private Office 365 Groups nicht durchsuchbar

Bekanntlich bin ich ein grosser Fan von Office 365 Groups – trotz einiger Unzulänglichkeiten. Eine davon ist, dass Private Office 365 Groups nicht durchsuchbar sind. Dokumente, welche man in er SharePoint Online Site einer Office 365 Group ablegt, sind nicht … Weiterlesen → [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 20th '17

How many sites do I have in the Site Collection?
Gregory Zelfond
I bet you wanna know. As your SharePoint Intranet grows by leaps and bounds, you want to be in control and know how many sites/subsites you have in your environment. For those of us who are in SharePoint Online (Office 365) – you are in luck, as there is an easy out of the box way to obtain this information. By the way, in case you made it to this post and are still wondering what’s the difference between a site and a site collection, I suggest you check out this post first. How to obtain si [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 20th '17
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How do you know if your Office 365 subscription is in a secure state?
Noorez Khamis
Body: Little known to many is a really handy feature recently released by Microsoft called the Secure Score.Secure Score is a totally different way of managing risk on your Office 365 deployment where by instead of  reacting to security alerts sent to you by Microsoft, it lets you proactively track and incrementaly improve your Office 365 security.  Secure Score figures out which Office 365 services you have along with how they are configured and compares it to a baseline level of [read].
Posted: Sun, Mar 19th '17

How to run SharePoint Pattern and Practices Samples through Docker
Stefan Bauer
I planned to write a blog post how to run the SharePoint Framework Workbench in a Docker container on Azure. After I found out this is currently not possible I switched the scope of my trial. Instead, I tried to create Docker container dynamically for projects based on SPFx. There are two key takeaways explained in this post. You will learn how to build your Docker file specific for your upcoming projects, and you get to know how you can demo and try out all SPFx Pattern and Practices samples [read].
Posted: Sun, Mar 19th '17

Week 1: Hitchhiker’s Guide – UI / UX / CX Glossary
Tracy van der Schyff
#42WeekHitchhikersGuide – This is the first week in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, 42 week blog challenge. Here I’ll be documenting my journey into understanding and surviving in the mysterious world of UI / UX and CX. This week will... Continue Reading → [read].
Posted: Sun, Mar 19th '17

Housing SharePoint 2016 Dev-Ambiance on Windows Azure
Dipti Chhatrapati
Hellow Geek ! Today I am going to write about creating the SharePoint 2016 environment on windows Azure since it was topic requested by many and I could build it with the help of few articles I have gone through, Thanks to Microsoft for being always helping hands ! So, the task is always difficult until we get through, but once its over, its tiny for us and that is what I will explain today which can be completed in few hours in few clicks. you have to keep bit patience as its going to be video [read].
Posted: Sun, Mar 19th '17
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Delve and the Office Graph Inside Out Part II
Nicki Borell
In addition to my first post about the insides of Office Graph and Delve (Delve and the Office Graph Inside Out) this article is focusing on which signals are used by the Graph to generate the individual Delve experience.Signals used by the GraphYou can find all the information you need about signals used by the Graph in this msdn article: https://msdn.microsoft.com/office/office365/howto/query-Office-graph-using-gql-with-search-rest-apiBased on this article we have the following Action Types:Pe [read].
Posted: Sat, Mar 18th '17

Modern site page with out fat banner
Rajesh Sitaraman
I'm vivid user of modern teams sites, modern pages and started strongly recommending our clients to use Office 365 groups and modern team sites. I was also looking for some options to reduce the header banner. I came across Mikael Svenson's nifty #SPFx header configurator WebPart to configure header size. Created a nifty #SPFx web part for @SharePoint modern pages. pic.twitter.com/qVUbFLgw7I — Mikael Svenson (@mikaelsvenson) February 28, 2017 This approach uses the SharePoint framework and [read].
Posted: Sat, Mar 18th '17
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How to Convert Array of Objects into Comma Separated String extracting only one property
Jose Quinto
Hi, I’d like to share a quick solution which always is really useful when you are handling complex object-type data structures in JavaScript / ES6 / TypeScript. That code will be useful when you want to extract some property values from an array of objects. I will share two versions one for EcmaScript 5 and other for EcmaScript 6: If you find other way to do the same with a better performance, please let me know!! Enjoy! The post How to Convert Array of Objects into Comma Separated S [read].
Posted: Fri, Mar 17th '17

Rencore TechTalks: Episode 5 – Microsoft Teams with Maarten Eekels
Welcome to the Rencore Tech Talks show. In this episode, I’m catching up with Maarten Eekels on Microsoft Teams, that has been launched on March […] The post Rencore TechTalks: Episode 5 – Microsoft Teams with Maarten Eekels appeared first on Rencore. [read].
Posted: Fri, Mar 17th '17

Vortrag auf der Embedded meets Agile in München
Sebastian Gerling . Planet SharePoint Rank: 113 . Technorati Rank: 1,603,173
ich bin eingeladen worden auf der Embedded meets Agile am 26.04 in München über das Thema „Design Thinking vs Business Canvas Modell“ zu sprechen. Ziel ist es hier aufzuzeigen, wo die Unterschiede liegen, worauf gerade in Umfeld Embedded geachtet werden muss und wo in einer Kombination aus Fuzzy und strukturiertem Ansatz Mehrwerte liegen können.   Weitere […] [read].
Posted: Fri, Mar 17th '17

Sharing my managed metadata refiner display template
Elio Struyf
Do you have a refiner template that shows the refiners based on the hierarchy of a term set, or can you explain how to build it? These are probably two of the most asked questions I received the last couple of months/years. Back in 2015 I created such a template, but never shared it until The post Sharing my managed metadata refiner display template appeared first on Elio Struyf. [read].
Posted: Fri, Mar 17th '17

OneDrive for Business | local Sync with Microsoft Teams
Hans Brender
Microsoft has published the GA for the Product called Teams. So I should also write about that. No, not about Microsoft Teams. So there were other MVP’s they may do that. The good things. The bad things. Yes, there were some issues, you will have with Microsoft Teams. But again: Other MVP’s could write about […] [read].
Posted: Fri, Mar 17th '17

SharePoint – auf der und live von der CeBIT 2017
Michael Greth
Die nächste Woche steht ganz im Zeichen der CeBIT 2017 – wir haben bisher über 80 Freikarten ausgegeben (hier gibt es noch Karten), wesentlich mehr als in den letzten Jahren. Das Interesse scheint also groß zu sein – ich freue mich auf viele Besucher. Ich werde vom Microsoft SharePoint Partner Stand in Halle 3 täglich (11:30 … Weiter lesen » Related posts: CeBIT2017 SharePoint Ausstellerverzeichnis und mehr [DE] Der auditive CeBIT Report im SharePointPodcast CeBIT [read].
Posted: Fri, Mar 17th '17

OneDrive for Business | local Sync with Microsoft Teams
Hans Brender
Microsoft has published the GA for the Product called Teams. So I should also write about that. No, not about Microsoft Teams. So there were other MVP’s they may do that. The good things. The bad things. Yes, there were some issues, you will have with Microsoft Teams. But again: Other MVP’s could write about […] [read].
Posted: Fri, Mar 17th '17

SharePoint als Tool für das Management von Restrukturierungs- oder Turn-Around Programmen
Michael Greth
Excel-basiertes Management von Restrukturierungs- oder Turn-Around Programmen ist komplex, aufwändig und fehleranfällig. Die Optimierung des Maßnahmen-Trackings kann ein substantieller Wettbewerbsvorteil für Unternehmen sein. Als Alternative zu den gängigen Excel-Templates bietet sich MS SharePoint an. Gastbeitrag von Holger von Chossy von www.vysoft.eu Hintergrund Eine wesentliche Aufgabe im Management von Restrukturierungs- oder Turn-Around Programmen ist die Definition … Weiter les [read].
Posted: Fri, Mar 17th '17
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Conversation Portability in the Age of the Digital Workplace
Christian Buckley
Back in early 2014, I wrote a piece for Wired.com called ‘The Future Requires Social Portability’ where I reminisced on a time from my telecommunications career when we built out a number of key operational capabilities, including number portability. It’s something we largely take for granted now – when you switch carriers, the ability to keep your phone number. I’m old enough to remember when the phone came with the house, with no ability to disconnect the cord from the wall short of [read].
Posted: Thu, Mar 16th '17

Microsoft Flow - pause till date
Rajesh Sitaraman
Let's create a simple flow for the common scenario we encounter, send a notification on a certain date or wait till some date and perform an action. In SharePoint designer workflow, we use the "Pause until" step to perform this. Similarly in Microsoft flow we will use the action "Delay Until". Look at the below flow, we have action trigger whenever an item is created in the SharePoint list we will trigger the flow. Make sure to login with your Office 365 account when prompted. Provide th [read].
Posted: Thu, Mar 16th '17

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