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Renaming Site Colletion
Karsten Pohnke
There are several ways to rename a Site Collection in SharePoint: Backup/Restore Copy-SPSite SPSite.Rename A quick overview of these three with the advantages/disadvantages you can find on Technet. And of course (if you have) you could use such tools as ShareGate… [read].
Posted: Thu, Feb 23rd '17
Call for Papers – ShareConf 2017 in Frankfurt
Karsten Pohnke
Die deutschsprachige Konferenz zu Microsoft SharePoint und weiteren Themen findet am 27.06.2017 bis 29.06.2017 statt. Das Motto der diesjährigen ShareConf „Der digitale Arbeitsplatz” wird den Blickwinkel der ShareConf enorm erweitern. Hierzu nehmen wir erstmals auch Vorträge an, die diesen nicht nur mit SharePoint, sondern auch mit anderen Produkten realisieren (zum Beispiel von Atlassian). Außerdem gibt es dieses Jahr am 27.06.2017 eine Pre-Conference zum Thema: „Office 365 und rec [read].
Posted: Mon, Feb 13th '17
Creating Document Sets and its properties with Powershell in SharePoint
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Fri, Oct 14th '16
Eventempfehlung: SharePoint Days 2016 in München
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Tue, Oct 11th '16
There will be a SharePoint Designer 2016 – or maybe NOT?
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Thu, Sep 8th '16
Disable Alerts with Powershell in SharePoint
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Thu, Aug 25th '16
Eventempfehlung ShareConf 2016 in Frankfurt
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Tue, May 3rd '16
Why you should generate separate task and history lists for each workflow
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Wed, Mar 23rd '16
Responsive UI Package for SharePoint 2013 and 2016
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Wed, Mar 9th '16
SAP Successfactors – Short Introduction to Talentsuite
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Wed, Mar 9th '16
SharePoint Error 8088: Managed Metadata Service or Connection is currently not available
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Mon, Dec 28th '15
First of December – Moving to the new Office 365 plans for small and midsized businesses
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Wed, Oct 28th '15
Support for SharePoint 2010 ends!
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Sun, Oct 18th '15
File.OpenBinaryDirect throws error 401/403 in SharePoint 2013 Provider Hosted App (Add-Ins)
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Wed, Oct 7th '15
Analyze World Cup Data with Power BI
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Wed, Sep 23rd '15
Eventempfehlung: Treffen der SharePoint UserGroup OWL
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Thu, Jul 30th '15
1. SharePoint UserGroup in Leipzig startet
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Tue, Jul 21st '15
SharePoint Add Terms with multiple languages
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Mon, May 25th '15
Migration Issues from #SharePoint 2010 to 2013 – Page Error on BITemplate
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Fri, May 22nd '15
Eventempfehlung: ShareConf mit dem Workflow Shootout
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Wed, May 20th '15
Best Infos via Tweets from #MSIgnite
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Tue, May 5th '15
SharePoint Add Terms to Termstore via Powershell
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Wed, Apr 22nd '15
Powershell Calling SharePoint Webservice
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Mon, Apr 6th '15
SharePoint No-Code View for items from last month
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Sun, Mar 29th '15
SharePoint Delete Items and files directly or using recycle bin by using Powershell
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Sun, Mar 22nd '15
SharePoint CSR (Client Side Rendering) not updating in Cache
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Tue, Mar 17th '15
SharePoint 2013 Conditional formatting in listviews
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Sun, Mar 15th '15
SharePoint Usergroup Köln Workflow Shootout
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Mon, Feb 9th '15
An update on InfoPath and #SPForms
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Sun, Feb 8th '15
Powershell Import Data from csv with special characters
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Sat, Feb 7th '15
SharePoint Managed Metadata Service is not available
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Sat, Dec 20th '14
Reminder: SharePoint UserGroup OWL Treffen am 09.12.2014
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Tue, Dec 9th '14
SharePoint: Send Mail by using Powershell
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Sun, Nov 9th '14
SharePoint Days 2014 in Berlin – 10% Rabatt
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Sun, Nov 2nd '14
SharePoint Missing Module when activating a feature
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Sun, Oct 26th '14
Convert Content via SharePoint – Word Automation Services
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Sun, Oct 19th '14
SharePoint 2010 Custom Workflow Actions for SP Designer
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Sun, Oct 12th '14
Sprecher auf den SharePoint Days in Berlin 2014
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Sun, Sep 28th '14
Wer will schon seine Daten abgeben? Diese Unternehmen sind in der Office 365 Cloud
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Sun, Sep 21st '14
Database Maintenance Do’s & Dont’s for SharePoint 2010
Karsten Pohnke
Posted: Sun, Sep 14th '14

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