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Just how much is PI in .Net?
Mike Smith
    The .Net Framework includes a math library that includes a constant for PI. Just how much is PI? The MSDN article says:      The Visual Studio debugger says:    The Visual Studio Autos and Locals windows say:    And when written from Console.WriteLine:    Or does it?  Reformatted with "R" WriteLine matches the value reported from the debugger.    and for the final [read].
Posted: Sun, Dec 7th '14
Yet another unannounced changed in Office 365? App Launcher?
Mike Smith
  Update… it was announced! See here: http://blogs.office.com/2014/10/16/organize-office-365-new-app-launcher-2/   For me, it was unannounced. I missed the blog article. There was no mention of the change in the Office 365 Admin Center "Message Center". It just showed up in one of my subscriptions. Turns out it is also "mentioned" in the Office 365 Roadmap site, but with no links or any idea [read].
Posted: Sun, Nov 23rd '14
Cincinnati SPUG–Thursday November 20th!
Mike Smith
  Cincinnati SharePoint User Group Meeting (different date for November!) Please register here: http://www.meetup.com/TechLife-Cincinnati/events/218788788/ Speaker: Michelle Caldwell    Title:   Designing a Plan for Sustained User Adoption Organizational change management is one of the most overlooked and under-planned parts of many SharePoint implementations. You simply cannot afford to ignore [read].
Posted: Wed, Nov 19th '14
C# Compare Arrays
Mike Smith
  Sometimes we get so focused on the advanced features of .NET that we (or at least I) forget the basics. The basic in this case is checking to see if two arrays are equal.int[] a = { 1, 7, 4, 6, 2, 8, 2, 8, 4, 6, 2 }; int[] b = { 1, 7, 4, 6, 2, 8, 2, 8, 4, 6, 2 }; if (b == a) { Console.WriteLine("a Equals b!"); } else { Console.WriteLine("a NOT Equals b!"); } .csharpcode, .csharpcode [read].
Posted: Mon, Nov 17th '14
.NET 2015–Open Source? Mac? Linux?
Mike Smith
  Got to take a look at this… (nuff said) Announcing .NET 2015 - .NET as Open Source, .NET on Mac and Linux, and Visual Studio Community   Visual Studio Community edition. Free!   ("This is not Express. This is basically Pro.") http://www.visualstudio.com/en-us/downloads/download-visual-studio-vs#DownloadFamilies_2 "This edition of Visual Studio is available at no cost for non-enterprise [read].
Posted: Thu, Nov 13th '14
You Cannot Test Your Own SharePoint Security
Mike Smith
  Test accounts are fun, but rarely a good thing. As a typical site owner in a typical company, you are only issued one user account, one username/password. Having a "test account", especially a test account that is shared with multiple site owners is a bad practice, often prohibited, and sometimes grounds for termination. (In any case, your auditors will not like it.) So why can't you test with [read].
Posted: Tue, Nov 11th '14
SharePoint – Use PowerShell to get all Owners, Full Control Users and Site Collection Administrators
Mike Smith
  The following works for both SharePoint 2010 and 2013.   So who has control in your SharePoint? Some users are members of the site's Owners group while others have been directly given Full Control. Some may be Site Collection Administrators or even have "super powers" granted at the Web Application level. How do you find these? PowerShell to the rescue!   Get all users who are members of the " [read].
Posted: Sat, Nov 8th '14
SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati! @spscincinnati #SharePoint
Mike Smith
SharePoint Saturday is this weekend!   October 11th, 2014 Free sessions... 25 and counting! Free food! Free door prizes! Free networking! Talk about it! Blog about it! Tweet about it! (@spscincinnati)  Let everybody know! Register here: http://www.spsevents.org/city/cinci/cinci2014 This year the event will be at the Sharonville Convention Center located at 11355 Chester Rd, Cincinnati, OH [read].
Posted: Wed, Oct 8th '14
Did you ever want to take a Microsoft exam from home or the office? #sharepoint @MSLearning
Mike Smith
  Starting today, if you are a U.S. resident (and if you’re not stay tuned—they’ll be expanding soon), you can take dozens of the MCP and MTA exams from the comfort of your home or office through a process called online proctoring by Pearson VUE. Or as Ken Rosen says "Come on, admit it: you’ve always wanted to take one of our exams in your pajamas. I can’t be the only one." See Ken's blog article [read].
Posted: Tue, Sep 23rd '14
Developer Apprentice Program in .NET
Mike Smith
  Know someone who is unemployed who would make a great programmer?   MAX Technical Training is doing something quite interesting!  Again! Dislocated workers who live in Hamilton, Butler, Warren and Clermont counties and are not working may be eligible to take Developer Apprentice training in .NET programming. Good candidates include those with a background in IT who want to update their [read].
Posted: Sun, Sep 21st '14
SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati Oct 11, 2014
Mike Smith
  SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati Saturday, October 11, 2014 Event details, including speakers and topics have been posted! Go here for details and registration: http://www.spsevents.org/city/cinci/cinci2014 Like two years ago, we have a theme! "ScarePoint Saturday" Come in costume or as you are…   My topic will be "Changes to SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 Security You Must Know" Track: IT Pro, [read].
Posted: Sun, Sep 21st '14
SharePoint User Cannot Rename a File
Mike Smith
  The following applies to SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 and SharePoint Online / Office 365. There's never an end of things to learn about SharePoint security! (I've got about 235 pages of what I've learned in SharePoint® 2010 Security for the Site Owner!) Did you know that a user without the Delete permission cannot rename files in a document library! Attempts to change the Name property of a file [read].
Posted: Tue, Sep 16th '14
Developer Apprentice Program in .NET
Mike Smith
  MAX Technical Training is doing something quite interesting!  Again!   "Interested in becoming a Developer or know someone who is?" "Whether you are an employer looking hire a .NET programmer or a Job Seeker looking to build a new career - this is the program to meet both your needs." "This intense 9 week "boot camp" immerses you in 42 intense full-days of training. To be accepted, you must [read].
Posted: Fri, Sep 12th '14
Office 365 / SharePoint–a Moving Target–the target is still moving and moving!
Mike Smith
  More changes in Office 365 / SharePoint Online… (I guess this is an ongoing topic for my blog…) Previous: 3/29/14,  9/1/14  In this update… The Tasks rollup found in Welcome, About me, Tasks is going away. The Task list Sync to Outlook button is going away! New feature: Delve! (formally Oslo, built on Office Graph)   The Tasks rollup found in Welcome, About me, Tasks is going away. [read].
Posted: Fri, Sep 12th '14
When is Full Control not Full Control
Mike Smith
  This article has three possible titles: All Full Control Users are not able to see the Access Requests Link and Page When is Full Control not Full Control? All About Associated Groups! The problem: You have a user who has Full Control, but who is not a member of the Site Owners group. Shouldn't they be able to do anything a member of the Owners group can do? Turns out they cannot see the " [read].
Posted: Thu, Sep 4th '14
Office 365 / SharePoint–a Moving Target–the target is still moving!
Mike Smith
  More changes in Office 365 / SharePoint Online… The Welcome menu has changed again In SharePoint 2007 the menu for user options was called the Welcome menu and displayed the word "Welcome" follow by the user's name. In SharePoint 2010 word "Welcome" disappeared and only the user's name was displayed. (The help desk would ask the user to "click on your name".) SharePoint 2013 was the same as [read].
Posted: Mon, Sep 1st '14
SharePoint Governance Training #sharepoint @MAXCincinnati
Mike Smith
  MA-1040 - SharePoint Governance, Planning and Oversight Next SharePoint Governance class: 9/4/2014You can attend locally in Cincinnati or remotely from anywhere. I've never delivered this training twice the same way… SharePoint changes (especially SharePoint online), I learn more everyday from from students and clients, available tools change, nothing stands still, This next class is no [read].
Posted: Fri, Aug 29th '14
Big change in SharePoint Certification Options
Mike Smith
  New Certification Path for SharePoint 2013 Administrators In the past to get the SharePoint 2013 admin certification you had to be Windows Server 2012 certified (a big step). Now the two exams associated with course 20346 (70-346 and 70-347) can be used in place of the Server 2012 certs. For comparison: The Server 2012 certification, MCSA: Windows Server 2012 - Solutions Associate, requires [read].
Posted: Tue, Aug 26th '14
What's Available / Not Available in Office 365 SharePoint Online? #sharepoint #office365
Mike Smith
  Nice comparison of SharePoint Online editions showing what's available in each edition. To see what's missing in SharePoint Online scan the rows where every item is "No"! SharePoint Online Service Description: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/sharepoint-online-service-description.aspx   . [read].
Posted: Tue, Aug 26th '14
SharePoint Saturday Columbus–this Saturday! @SPSCBUS @BuckeyeSPUG #SharePoint
Mike Smith
  Time flies when you are having fun, or working too much. Our next regional SharePoint Saturday is this weekend, 8/23/14, in Columbus. I will be speaking on SharePoint / Office 365 Governance. See here for schedules and registration: http://www.spsevents.org/city/columbus/columbus2014 And don't forget the Cincinnati and the Louisville SharePoint Saturdays in October!   SharePoint Office 365 [read].
Posted: Thu, Aug 21st '14
SharePoint 2013: The Evil Share Button
Mike Smith
  SharePoint has always been a bit unique in that the end user, not IT has been responsible for security. The Site Owner has the ability to manage permission at the site, list, library folder and item levels from the first versions of SharePoint. What does the Share button do? It depends… on which one you click, and your permissions. [read].
Posted: Tue, Aug 19th '14
SharePoint 2010 Limited Access Information Leaks #sharepoint
Mike Smith
  In a recent PowerShell SharePoint Auditing class we got side tracked on a discussion about security and the Limited Access Permission Level. I mentioned that even the names of lists and libraries can leak confidential information and that users with Limited Access permissions can often see these names. That led to a mandatory demo of the issue and a promise of a blog article with complete demo [read].
Posted: Tue, Jul 29th '14
Speaking at the Buckeye SPUG this Thursday @BuckeyeSPUG #sharepoint
Mike Smith
  Buckeye SharePoint Users Group http://www.buckeyespug.com/SitePages/Home.aspx July 17th - 5:30 pm @ the Microsoft Polaris Office The Mystical SharePoint Super User and Auditor A look into SharePoint User Policies, the creation of “super users” and how to take away powers from everyone else! In this session we will explore SharePoint Permission Policies and User Policies to grant application [read].
Posted: Tue, Jul 15th '14
SharePoint PowerShell–Find all Broken Inheritance #sharepoint #powershell
Mike Smith
The following applies to both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 on premises, but not to Office 365. One of the common SharePoint tasks when you need to do a security audit, document security or cleanup a farm before an upgrade, is to try to figure out where the Site Owners have broken inheritance and created unique permissions. You could visit every site, list, library, folder, list item and [read].
Posted: Tue, Jul 8th '14
New Book and New Class!
Mike Smith
  New book: SharePoint® 2010 Security for the Site Owner I was always looking for a SharePoint security resource to point people to. I found content for server administrators and for developers, but nothing for site owners. Finally I decided I could quickly put together a little book on the topic. Little did I know just how much I would end up writing, testing and rewriting to get this thing done [read].
Posted: Fri, Jul 4th '14
Cincinnati SPUG – 6/26 – MVP Paul Stork Speaking about Yammer
Mike Smith
  MVP Paul Stork will be speaking at tonight's SharePoint user group. We will have pizza and door prizes at the meeting, and for those who cannot make it out, we will have remote access available for the first 20 people connecting. Visit the SPUG web site after 5:00 PM for connection details. http://www.CincinnatiSPUG.org­ Please register at TechLife Cincinnati More info here: http:// [read].
Posted: Thu, Jun 26th '14
SharePoint 2013 – Restoring the 2010 Navigate Up Crumb Trail Button
Mike Smith
  2007 SharePoint 2007 had the nice complete "bread crumb trail" across the top of every page:     2010 SharePoint 2010 removed those and gave us a very limited, library relative, crumb trail which has gaps if too long:     As a compromise, 2010 gave us a little button / dropdown called Navigate up to make up for the missing crumb trail:   2013 What Microsoft giveth, Microsoft takes away. No [read].
Posted: Wed, Jun 25th '14
Cincinnati SPUG – 6/26 – Paul Stork Speaking about Yammer
Mike Smith
  Next meeting: June 26th, 2014    Please register at TechLife Cincinnati Topic:  Yammer One of the biggest investments Microsoft made in SharePoint 2013 was in the area of "Social" collaboration.  Yet, just before SharePoint 2013 launched Microsoft announced that they had purchased Yammer, another popular "Social" collaboration system.  Since then Microsoft has announced a road map to integrate [read].
Posted: Thu, Jun 19th '14
Merging Two PowerShell Collections into One Output
Mike Smith
  In SharePoint users and groups are both security principles, and both share some common properties. One property, ID, is interesting as it is unique and never duplicated between the lists of users and group. I.e. if there is a user with an ID of 5 then there is never a group with an ID of 5. In PowerShell there are two separate properties for users and groups, but I wanted to merge the two into [read].
Posted: Wed, Jun 18th '14
SharePoint Check Out and Check In Issues
Mike Smith
  As I work to complete my SharePoint security book (only three years so far), I've been testing just about every combination of permissions looking for benefits and side effects. While working on a custom permission level with minimum permissions for an Add, Edit but not Delete user I ran into some interesting issues with Check Out and Check In. Access Denied… You would think that Check Out and [read].
Posted: Sat, Jun 14th '14
New SharePoint PowerShell Course 55095AC
Mike Smith
  PS C:\> Get-PSScripts | Organize-PSScripts | Create-MAXClass I've written and collected SharePoint scripts for the last several years with the idea of one day turning them into a book or a class. I've finally pulled together a class from the scripts in this blog, from the PowerShell chapter of my SharePoint security book and from examples created for my classes. Turns out there are over 175 [read].
Posted: Sun, Jun 8th '14
SharePoint User Policy, Super Users and Auditors
Mike Smith
  I ran across a question in the TechNet forums today that revolved around confusion about the purpose of the Site Collection Permissions section in the Permission Policy dialog box in Central Administration. In Central Administration, in the Web Application Management section, there are two ribbon buttons that let you define web application scoped permissions: Permission Policy and User Policy. [read].
Posted: Thu, Jun 5th '14
Cincinnati SPUG May Meeting - eDiscovery
Mike Smith
Speaker: Gerald Parish - SharePoint Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft Topic:  SharePoint Online: eDiscovery   Thursday, May 22nd, 6:30 PM at MAX Technical Training (Pizza at 6:00 PM)   . [read].
Posted: Tue, May 20th '14
Sometimes you feel so dumb… PowerShell Mistake! #powershell #sharepoint
Mike Smith
  I'm trying to search SharePoint using PowerShell and REST web services…PS C:\> Invoke-WebRequest http://spserver/sites/demo3/_api/search/query?querytext='sharepoint' -UseDefaultCredentials .csharpcode, .csharpcode pre { font-size: small; color: black; font-family: consolas, "Courier New", courier, monospace; background-color: #ffffff; /*white-space: pre;*/ } .csharpcode pre { margin: 0em; [read].
Posted: Sun, May 4th '14
SharePoint 2013: RegistrationId List Template Type IDs Updated!
Mike Smith
  I have updated the "SharePoint: RegistrationId List Template Type IDs" article to include the new 2013 list types. This time, I used a PowerShell script to dump the SPListTemplateType enumeration. Note that there are many template IDs that are not in the SPListTemplateType enumeration and generally can only be found in investigations of the databases and other documentation. The PowerShell [read].
Posted: Mon, Apr 28th '14
Recent Changes to the SharePoint 2013 UI
Mike Smith
  About a month ago I wrote a little post about Office 365 / SharePoint–a Moving Target that included a mention about an April 9th update to the UI. Well, on April 21st the April 9th update finally appeared in one of my Office 365 subscriptions. (The update has not shown up in the other subscriptions yet.) What are the changes? An updated "hero bar", or navigation bar has been added above the [read].
Posted: Tue, Apr 22nd '14
Cincinnati SharePoint User Group Meeting April 24th 2014!
Mike Smith
  This Thursday!  6:00 PM at MAX! Topic:  App Development in SharePoint 2013 Speaker: Arun Aggarwal http://www.CincinnatiSPUG.org @cincyspug   . [read].
Posted: Sun, Apr 20th '14
Change the SharePoint 2013 Suite Bar Text #sharepoint #powershell
Mike Smith
  Hacking around with PowerShell always finds some new property or method that I would never have gone looking for! This time it is a SPWebApplication property that sets the text in the "Suite Bar". The default text in the suite bar is "SharePoint" for on premises installs and "Office 365" plus an icon for the cloud versions. The actual HTML for the text is " [read].
Posted: Wed, Apr 16th '14
Cincinnati PowerShell User Group meeting announcement
Mike Smith
  From Rob Dreyer, the organizer: Our first meeting in 2014 will be extra special. Throughout 2014, Dr. Ferdinand Rios, the CEO of SAPIEN Technologies, Inc. is touring around the world. Last week, I received word that on Thursday April 17th he will be coming to MAX! I nearly fell out of my seat when I heard. Please register here: http://www.meetup.com/TechLife-Cincinnati/events/154731982/ See [read].
Posted: Mon, Apr 14th '14
Reduce Spacing in a SharePoint 2013 Top Link Bar
Mike Smith
  The top link bar in SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 adds a lot of space between each menu item, 30 pixels to be exact. You can tighten this up quite a bit by changing the default spacing with a block of CSS added to your master page. Default spacing: After the CSS change below: Add the following to your master page somewhere after the CssLink control ( [read].
Posted: Fri, Apr 4th '14
Free eBook on Migrating to Office 365
Mike Smith
  I love free stuff, and I love books! Apress is making this new 680 page book available as an eBook for free, or as paper book for $39.95. Office 365: Migrating and Managing Your Business in the Cloud By Matt Katzer , Don Crawford Go to Apress to get the EPUB, MOBI or PDF formats. http://www.apress.com/9781430265269 You can also buy the paperback version at Amazon.com or get the Kindle version [read].
Posted: Wed, Apr 2nd '14
Office 365 / SharePoint–a Moving Target
Mike Smith
  If you support SharePoint on-premises and Office 365 in the cloud then you are well aware that there are differences that impact you, your users, your help desk and your governance plan (of course!). You can manage changes and updates when working with your on-premises servers by choosing when and if you apply service packs, features and updates. When it comes to Office 365 you have no control… [read].
Posted: Sat, Mar 29th '14
Best Technical Article… and the winner is…
Mike Smith
  MSDN! "External lists in SharePoint 2013" This MSDN article takes the prize! http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office/jj966282(v=office.15).aspx   And the best part might be…   . [read].
Posted: Wed, Mar 19th '14
Cincinnati SharePoint User Group March 27th
Mike Smith
  The Cincinnati SharePoint User Group will now be meeting on the 4th Thursday of each month. The next meeting is 3/27/14. Please register if you will be attending: http://www.meetup.com/TechLife-Cincinnati/events/171195112/ Topic: OneShell | Managing SharePoint Anywhere with Windows PowerShellTopic: Using PowerShell, and a web service call or two, to Administer SharePoint Office 365 [read].
Posted: Wed, Mar 19th '14
History of File and BLOB Storage in SharePoint
Mike Smith
  You always find the most interesting things while looking for something else… I just ran across an interesting white paper from Microsoft on Shredded Storage in SharePoint 2013. What made it really interesting is that is has a nice history of file storage in SharePoint, starting with the Web Storage System in SharePoint 2001 through Shredded Storage in 2013.   Overview of Shredded Storage in [read].
Posted: Thu, Mar 13th '14
Cincinnati PowerShell User Group 4/17/14 – SAPIEN Technologies
Mike Smith
  I just got the email below from Rob Dreyer of the Cincinnati PowerShell User Group. Cool stuff! Mark your calendar! April 17th 2014 at MAX Technical Training in Mason, Ohio. For more information and to register for the event (free!): http://www.meetup.com/TechLife-Cincinnati/events/154731982/  Join TechLife Cincinnati (http://www.meetup.com/TechLife-Cincinnati/) and let people know you will [read].
Posted: Tue, Mar 4th '14
Download a File from SharePoint using PowerShell
Mike Smith
  I recently had a request for a PowerShell script that could be run as a Windows scheduled task to download a file each night to a network share. As is typical, there's more than one way…   The PowerShell / .Net approach: This is a ".Net approach" as it does not use any PowerShell cmdlets (beyond New-Object). The following will work from all versions of PowerShell and SharePoint 2007 – 2013, but [read].
Posted: Thu, Feb 20th '14
SharePoint Versioning Trivia, or maybe a start on a versioning FAQ
Mike Smith
  The number of versions retained is one more than the limit you set. Entering 10 as the version limit will keep up to 11 versions of the item. I guess the current "version" is not counted as a "version". Then maximum number of versions per item is 5000. (at least in SP 2010) We you exceed the version limit the oldest item is immediately discarded. It is not moved to the recycle bin. Only [read].
Posted: Mon, Feb 17th '14
SharePoint 2013 and Office 365: Finding GUIDs #sharepoint #sp2013
Mike Smith
  Years ago I wrote a little article on how to find SharePoint GUIDs for SharePoint 2007. Later I wrote one on how to find the same GUIDs using PowerShell. SharePoint: Finding SharePoint GUIDs Finding SharePoint GUIDs using PowerShell Now, here's how to find GUIDs for just about anything using SharePoint 2013's REST web services! The follow will work for both on premises and SharePoint Online / [read].
Posted: Mon, Feb 17th '14
InfoPath 2013 is the last InfoPath! #infopath #sharepoint
Mike Smith
  InfoPath 2013 and InfoPath Forms Services in SharePoint 2013 are at the end of life… See here: http://blogs.office.com/2014/01/31/update-on-infopath-and-sharepoint-forms/ Supported until 2023, but no new versions. So what will you use for forms?   . [read].
Posted: Fri, Jan 31st '14
Why use InfoPath? #sharepoint #infopath
Mike Smith
  I surprised how often people in my SharePoint end user and developer classes don't know what InfoPath is, or if they do, where it can be used in SharePoint. Any discussion of InfoPath leads to a discussion of the future of InfoPath and if it is going away, what the alternatives are. What follows are some of my class notes… A brief history of InfoPath Formally named XDocs and NetDocs (*) A [read].
Posted: Sun, Jan 12th '14
SharePoint Classes at MAX Technical Training
Mike Smith
  As you probably know, I'm a senior instructor at MAX Technical Training. As I'm starting my ninth year at MAX this week I thought I should plug a few of my upcoming classes! You can attend these classes at our Cincinnati area training facility in Mason Ohio or attend remotely from anywhere in the world. SharePoint 2010 Development MS-10175 Developing and Customizing Applications for MS [read].
Posted: Thu, Jan 2nd '14
Is VB.Net dead? #VB #VB.Net #C#
Mike Smith
  Just a random thought at the start of a new year… Is VB.Net dead? Deprecated? Just not interesting to Microsoft Learning? It seems the newer 204** series Microsoft MOC classes only cover C# (and JS / HTML5). I've also been reading that C# is the only language option in most of the newer certification exams. On the other hand, it looks like Visual Studio is still treating VB as an equal to C#. [read].
Posted: Sun, Dec 29th '13
Add a SharePoint "New" icon anywhere!
Mike Smith
  Would you like to flag a paragraph or an item in a bulleted list on your home page as "new" and then have the new flag disappear after a certain date? While it would be nice if we could reuse the new item functionality found in SharePoint lists and libraries, we will have to write our own. As we want to keep this as simple as possible we will add the expire date as the image's "Alternate text" [read].
Posted: Wed, Oct 23rd '13
Cincinnati SharePoint User Group 10/24/13 #sharepoint #sp2013 #powershell #cincyspug @cincyspug
Mike Smith
  I'll be speaking at the Cincinnati User Group this Thursday, 10/24/13. See you there! The Cincinnati SharePoint User Group will now be meeting on the 4th Thursday of each month. The next meeting is 10/24/2013. Same location and same time, just a different day! Speaker: Mike Smith MVP SharePoint, Senior instructor at MAX Technical Training, Computer professional (computer nut) since 1980, [read].
Posted: Mon, Oct 21st '13
SharePoint - Delete all alerts! #sharepoint #sp2010 #sp2013
Mike Smith
  Need to clean out all of the alerts from a development or testing system? Here's a PowerShell script to delete alerts. Run at your own risk... This will delete all alerts in all subsites in all site collections in all web applications (including My Sites). Did I say… "Run at your own risk"?  PowerShell scripts like this one can do real harm on a production system and should only be run on a [read].
Posted: Sun, Sep 29th '13
Unable to retrieve topology component health states #sharepoint #sp2013
Mike Smith
  Got this error while building a SharePoint 2013 single server install for classroom use: "Unable to retrieve topology component health states. This may be because the admin component is not up and running." The error was displayed on the search services administration page in the Search Application Topology section. At the same time the search crawls were stuck in "Starting" and all site [read].
Posted: Sat, Sep 28th '13
Am I a SharePoint Site Collection Administrator?
Mike Smith
  In my training and consulting I often run into people who are not sure if they are a Site Owner or a Site Collection Administrator. Go to Site Actions, Site Settings and see if you have a link to "Site collection administrators". If you do, then you are one!  (In SharePoint 2013 the Site Actions link is the "gear" ) If you don't see the link, don't stop yet… you may be in a subsite. Look for " [read].
Posted: Mon, Sep 23rd '13
wssdemo.com has moved
Mike Smith
  I show the wssdemo.com web site in almost every SharePoint class. This week I typed the url into a browser to show the Silverlight Pivot control and only got a 404 Not Found error! Well today I found the the site… it has a new URL and no forwarding from the old URL. The new URL is: www.SPSDEMO.com [read].
Posted: Fri, Sep 13th '13
Cincinnati SPUG now meeting on the 4th Thursday of each month! @cincyspug #sharepoint #spug
Mike Smith
  Just a reminder, no meeting tonight! See you on the 26th http://www.CincinnatiSPUG.org [read].
Posted: Thu, Sep 5th '13
PowerShell to the rescue (again!)
Mike Smith
  Using PowerShell to replace text in a file. I have a custom class next week. I need to make a little fix to the lab files… actually 526 .css files and 380 .htm files need to be updated with several fixes in each. Lots of little fixes.   How did I know how many files?  PowerShell of course… (Get-ChildItem *.css –Recurse).count   Find and replace some text… First update was to fix some URLs. I [read].
Posted: Thu, Aug 1st '13
Free SharePoint 2013 Webinar #sharepoint #sp2013 @MAXCincinnati
Mike Smith
  Tomorrow I will be giving a one hour webinar with MAX Technical Training on what's new in SharePoint 2013. This will include both the what's new bullet points, and a lot of little things I've found over the last year or so. Grab a sandwich and join me for a SharePoint lunch and learn! Tuesday, June 4th from 12-1 pm    Reserve Your Webinar Seat Now What's New in SharePoint 2013 - Features and [read].
Posted: Mon, Jun 3rd '13
Adding a scrolling list of messages to SharePoint
Mike Smith
  Tested in SP2010, SP2013, Office 365 2013 and should work in SP2007. I have not offered up a cool SharePoint trick for a while… so here's one that takes a list and turns it into a scrolling "marquee" list like this one: Release B.2 of the CRM system has been released!Bugs have been found in B.2, please revert to B.1! The "Dealing with procrastination" meeting has been rescheduled Get Started [read].
Posted: Tue, May 14th '13
So you want to be a SharePoint Developer… #sharepoint #sp2010 @MAXCincinnati
Mike Smith
  In a recent class we started putting together a list of what you need to know to be a well rounded SharePoint developer. The list very quickly got out of hand… but everything in it is required to for some aspect of SharePoint development. You don't need to know all of this if you are focusing on just a part of SharePoint, but not knowing these technologies may result in reinventing the wheel or [read].
Posted: Mon, May 6th '13
SharePoint Cincy 2013 is this week! #SharePointCincy #sharepoint #sp2013 @MAXCincinnati
Mike Smith
  Don't forget… SharePoint Cincy 2013 is coming soon! April 19th (That's this Friday!) Third Annual SharePoint Cincy Event! Register NOW!  http://www.sharepointcincy.com/   I've been asked to bring back my SharePoint Governance presentation, "SharePoint Governance… It May Not Be What You Think It Is…". I've updated it to include SharePoint 2013 and Office 365. Governance was a big topic, its [read].
Posted: Sun, Apr 14th '13
SharePoint: Change the Default for "Use my local drafts folder"
Mike Smith
  If you don't know what the "local drafts folder" is, then read this first: http://techtrainingnotes.blogspot.com/2012/12/sharepoint-use-my-local-drafts-folder.html In SharePoint 2007 the "Use my local drafts folder" checkbox was checked by default. In SharePoint 2010 and 2013 it is not checked by default. Turns out that this is an Office default and not a SharePoint default and can be changed [read].
Posted: Sat, Mar 23rd '13
Freezing the Title Row of a SharePoint 2010 List or Library
Mike Smith
  SharePoint 2010 lists and libraries do not have scrollbars. The pages do, but when you scroll down a long list you will find that the column headings scroll off of the top of the page. The little project below is a quick and dirty little project to add scrollbars to a list and lock the column titles in place. Before scrolling: (click the image for a larger version) After scrolling (headings [read].
Posted: Sun, Mar 17th '13
Reminder! Cincinnati and Dayton SPUG March Meetings
Mike Smith
Cincinnati SharePoint User GroupNext meeting: TONIGHT 3/7/2013 - 6:30 PM (Pizza and networking at 6:00 PM!)  (details below)   Dayton SPUGNext Meeting - Tuesday, March 12, 2013 starts at 6:00 p.m. (details below) Update! If we get at least 30 people to the March meeting MAX Technical Training will donate a free pass to SharePoint Cincy 2013! And... everyone will get a MAX T-shirt. And... [read].
Posted: Thu, Mar 7th '13
New SharePoint 2013 content in TechNet #sp2013
Mike Smith
  Microsoft released a lot of new content on SharePoint 2013 in TechNet in February. After a quick count, it looks like around 40 new articles and number of updated articles. Lots of good stuff here… Here's the link to a list of the articles:  http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc262043.aspx A little light reading for the weekend… . [read].
Posted: Fri, Mar 1st '13
SharePoint 2013 First Looks for ITPros and Developers–Classroom and Webinar #sharepoint #sp2013
Mike Smith
  I will be presenting two FREE SharePoint 2013 First Look clinics this March 8th at MAX Technical Training. You can attend these sessions in person at MAX's Cincinnati area Mason, Ohio training center or remotely using any PC. MS-40027 First Look: What's New for Developers in Microsoft SharePoint 2013March 8th, 2013 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM ESTClick here to register: http://www.maxtrain.com/Classes/ [read].
Posted: Thu, Feb 28th '13
Cincinnati and Dayton SPUG March Meetings
Mike Smith
Cincinnati SharePoint User GroupNext meeting: 3/7/2013 - 6:30 PM (Pizza and networking at 6:00 PM!) Tony Maddin will present: SharePoint 2013 Real Estate – Do you buy, rent, or both? Tony Maddin will be presenting on the SharePoint 2013 hosting models for on-premise, Office365, and the Hybrid (both on-premise and Office365 tied together) to share insight on features should be reviewed in [read].
Posted: Thu, Feb 28th '13
SharePoint 2013 Site Members Can Create and Delete Lists!
Mike Smith
  Have you noticed that when you create a new site collection or subsite with unique permissions that your team members can: Create new lists and libraries (now called Apps) Customize lists and libraries DELETE LISTS AND LIBRARIES! In SharePoint 2007 and 2010 the default members group was assigned the Contribute permission level. Contribute permitted them to add, edit and delete content, but [read].
Posted: Sun, Feb 10th '13
Cincinnati SPUG Meeting this Thursday @cincyspug #sharepoint
Mike Smith
  We meet at MAX at 6:00 for food and networking and start the meeting at 6:30.  Details here. I'll be presenting… The Mystical SharePoint Super User and Auditor A look into SharePoint User Policies, the creation of “super users” and how to take away powers from everyone else! In this session we will explore SharePoint Permission Policies and User Policies to grant application wide permissions to [read].
Posted: Tue, Feb 5th '13
Add a Content Editor Web Part (CEWP) to a Survey
Mike Smith
  Had an interesting question… how do I add a Content Editor Web Part to a SharePoint survey. Turns out this is pretty easy, with one trick, one bug and one caveat. SharePoint 2007 will need a web part trick. SharePoint 2013 has a "bug" that requires you to edit the page in SharePoint Designer. The steps below include 2013 just in case they fix the bug! Be forewarned, adding a CEWP in Designer [read].
Posted: Sat, Feb 2nd '13
SharePoint Workspace gone for 2013!
Mike Smith
  Just an FYI… http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc178954.aspx SharePoint Workspace Product SharePoint Workspace End of life SharePoint Workspace is being removed from the Office product base. We will release Folder Sync with Office 2013. N/A The replacement feature is Folder Sync, which is included with Office 2013. This lets users take doc libraries offline for SharePoint [read].
Posted: Fri, Feb 1st '13
Cincinnati PowerShell User Group Meeting with Keith Mayer (Round 2) #powershell
Mike Smith
  Thursday 1/24/2013 6:00 at MAX Technical Training Before our December meeting came to a close, Keith mentioned a follow-up presentation. I am pleased to announce he will be joining us again on Thursday January 24th! He will continue his presentation with the second half of PowerShell management and virtualization – this time with a focus on managing Windows Azure virtual machines via PowerShell [read].
Posted: Wed, Jan 23rd '13
January SharePoint Events in the Cincinnati Area
Mike Smith
  Cincinnati SharePoint User Group Meeting – Thursday 1/3/2013 Dayton SharePoint User Group Meeting – Tuesday 1/8/13 SharePoint Saturday Indy – Saturday 1/12/2013   Cincinnati SharePoint User Group Meeting – Thursday 1/3/2013  6:00-8:00 Please register here so we know how much food to get! http://www.meetup.com/TechLife-Cincinnati/events/94158842/ Lisa Gardner will present on SharePoint and SQL [read].
Posted: Wed, Jan 2nd '13
SharePoint 2013 First Looks for ITPros and Developers
Mike Smith
  I will be presenting two FREE First Look clinics this Thursday and Friday at MAX Technical Training. You can attend these sessions in person at MAX's Mason, Ohio training center or remotely using any PC. MS-40027 First Look: What's New for Developers in Microsoft SharePoint 2013January 3rd, 2013 9:00 am - 12:00 pm ESTClick here to register: http://www.maxtrain.com/Classes/ClassInfo.aspx?Id= [read].
Posted: Mon, Dec 31st '12
Fun and Games with Site Collection Administrators #sharepoint #sp2010
Mike Smith
  SharePoint has three kinds of Site Collection Administrators: Primary, Secondary and "other". When you edit the list of admins in Site Actions, Site Settings there is just a list of admins with no indication of kind. So who is the Primary? What happens when the list is edited and the Primary and / or Secondary is removed? Then who's the Primary? This article has two parts: Background on Site [read].
Posted: Fri, Dec 28th '12
SharePoint: Use my local drafts folder #sharepoint #sp2013 #sp2010
Mike Smith
  When checking out a document SharePoint 2007 and later offers an option to automatically download a copy of the file to your local machine.     Selecting this option will download the file to your computer into a SharePoint Drafts folder inside of your My Documents folder.     When you later check in the document, SharePoint will automatically upload the file from the SharePoint Drafts [read].
Posted: Sun, Dec 23rd '12
Weird problem with SharePoint Designer workflows and Office 365
Mike Smith
  I wanted to add a quick little workflow to a SharePoint Online / Office 365 (2010) site using SharePoint Designer 2010. When adding the workflow all I got was a blank screen. My steps: Open SPD 2010 and open the Online (2010) site Click Workflows, click new List Workflow, select my list, enter a title and description, click OK and…  nothing… no workflow editor, no error message, just a blank [read].
Posted: Sat, Dec 22nd '12
CincyPowershell with Microsoft IT Pro Technical Evangelist Keith Mayer #powershell
Mike Smith
  Reminder for Cincinnati area PowerShell nuts! Thursday, December 20, 2012, 6:00 PM at MAX On December 20th, we will be joined by special guest speaker Microsoft IT Pro Technical Evangelist Keith Mayer. For this event, he will be speaking on Hyper-V and PowerShell. To learn more about Keith, visit his blog at http://blogs.technet.com/b/keithmayer/. We want to give Keith a great event too, so [read].
Posted: Wed, Dec 19th '12
SharePoint 2010–Hiding "Sign in as Different User" #sharepoint #sp2010
Mike Smith
  The "Sign in as Different User" is a bad idea for a lot of reasons, but the two biggest are: Security on the computer where "User B" wants to access SharePoint. While at this computer they could perform any number of actions as "User A". Mixed experiences when using software other than a browser. As an example, "User B" can "Sign in as Different User" on the "User A" computer. Everything done [read].
Posted: Sat, Dec 8th '12
Cincinnati SharePoint User Group @cincyspug #cincyspug #sharepoint #spug
Mike Smith
  The December meeting has been canceled! http://www.CincinnatiSPUG.org January 2013 Meeting - SharePoint and SQL Server Lisa Gardner will present on SharePoint and SQL Server Lisa Gardner Microsoft Premier Field Engineer SQL Server US PFE - Central Region SharePoint is a rapidly growing application that relies heavily on SQL Server. In this session, we will discuss what a DBA needs to know to [read].
Posted: Wed, Dec 5th '12
SharePoint 2007 PowerShell cmdlets #sharepoint #powershell
Mike Smith
  This article is a placeholder for content to be added within the week to provide a collection of PowerShell cmdlets for SharePoint 2007. (I need the URL for it today!) While this little project will in no way include all of the 500 SharePoint 2010 cmdlets, it will provide a core set of cmdlets needed to run my auditing and inventorying SharePoint 2010 PowerShell scripts. These cmdlets are [read].
Posted: Tue, Dec 4th '12
SharePoint 2013 First Looks for ITPros and Developers
Mike Smith
  I will be presenting two FREE First Look clinics this Friday at MAX Technical Training. You can attend these sessions in person at MAX's Mason, Ohio training center or remotely using your PC. MS-40027 First Look: What's New for Developers in Microsoft SharePoint 2013November 30th, 2013 9:00 am - 12:00 pm ESTClick here to register: http://www.maxtrain.com/Classes/ClassInfo.aspx?Id=43826  MS- [read].
Posted: Tue, Nov 27th '12
SharePoint 2013 Exams #sharepoint #sp2013
Mike Smith
  The SharePoint 2013 exams are starting to show up!  As I prepare for these exams I will collect and share my notes. Of course all of these notes will only be from my prep and will not be updated after I take the exams. If you are looking for the 2007 exams… well it's too late for all but one, at least according the exam pages at the Microsoft Learning site (70-631 expires 3/31/2011, 70-630 [read].
Posted: Thu, Nov 15th '12
SharePoint Admins… are you Windows Server 2012 MCSA certified? #sharepoint #sp2013
Mike Smith
  The public certification exams for SharePoint 2013 will not be available until the first of the year. But… new for the SharePoint Server Administrator is the requirement to be “MCSA: Windows Server 2012” certified. (details here: http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/certification/cert-sharepoint-server.aspx) This is going to be a surprise to many SharePoint admins and something they need to [read].
Posted: Thu, Nov 15th '12
Searching the MSDN and TechNet forums for SharePoint 2013
Mike Smith
  I'm doing a lot of 2013 work right now. Learning it, preparing for the exams, writing courseware, getting ready to deliver training sessions… all of which send me to the MSDN and TechNet forums to find stuff. The only problem is, there is no obvious way to search a single forum. Use the Wiki Luke! http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/6453. [read].
Posted: Tue, Nov 13th '12
SharePoint 2013 Requirement: "The SharePoint parsing process crashes" #sp2013
Mike Smith
  Yah, I know, it's just the title of a KB patch. But it sure looks like it's a requirement that SharePoint must crash Windows Server! Minimum software requirements:The SharePoint parsing process crashes in Windows Server 2008 R2"   . [read].
Posted: Fri, Nov 9th '12
Finding the Missing SharePoint 2013 Slide Library #sp2013 #sharepoint
Mike Smith
  The Slide Library is not listed as an "App" or displayed in the old Create.aspx page. But… you can still get it with a direct URL. I would not depend on the being there forever as the Slide Library is officially not in 2013, but for now you can create one. The direct URL to create the old Slide Library: http://yourserver/sites/yoursite/_layouts/15/slnew.aspx?FeatureId={0be49fe9-9bc9-409d-abf9- [read].
Posted: Mon, Nov 5th '12
SharePoint 2013 Education Templates #sharepoint #sp2013
Mike Smith
  Does SharePoint 2013 have built-in education related sites, quizzes and tools for schools? I'm starting my prep for the future SharePoint 2013 exams. In looking at the new PowerShell commands (there are 199 of them! 572 vs 771) I ran across these: Install-SPEduSites and New-SPEduClass. So far I can't find anything official on these new "education" features. PowerShell's help command only lists [read].
Posted: Mon, Nov 5th '12
Moving SharePoint 2013 Web Parts
Mike Smith
  In SharePoint 2007 and 2010 we moved web parts by dragging them. That's still true for SharePoint 2013 web part pages, but for the wiki-style home pages you now cut and paste them! That's an improvement for consistency in home page editing, but also means that users need to know two ways to work with web parts. Now for the details: You can't Right-Click and Copy or Cut (no option in the popup [read].
Posted: Sat, Nov 3rd '12
Cincinnati SharePoint User Group Meeting @cincyspug #sharepoint
Mike Smith
Date: 11/1/2012, ThursdayTime: 6:00 – 8:00 pm. Where: Max Technical Training, 4900 Parkway Dr. #160 Mason, OH. Click on the link for directions http://www.maxtrain.com/directions/   Next meeting: 11/1/2012 - 6:30 PM (Pizza and networking at 6:00 PM!) November's presentation: Vantiv team collaboration between the ePMO and Enterprise Collaboration Team is about to launch the second phase of MS [read].
Posted: Wed, Oct 31st '12
SharePoint: Web Part Page Caption and Description
Mike Smith
  There's always one more thing to discover about SharePoint… Web Part Pages have optional Caption, Description and Image properties that are not available on normal home pages (default.aspx) or Wiki pages.The caption can be quite useful as a description of the page. The description is kind of useless as the user had to "discover" it as a mouse over tip. In 2013 the caption and the description [read].
Posted: Mon, Oct 29th '12
Finding your way around SharePoint 2013
Mike Smith
  Microsoft giveth and Microsoft taketh away. SharePoint 2013 is full of new and cool features. But if you are a SharePoint 2010 user you may have a hard time finding even the basics in the new 2013 interface. Below is a start of a list of the more confusing changes with navigation tips and workarounds. I'll add to this as I find more. Here's the official "changes" document: http:// [read].
Posted: Sun, Oct 28th '12
SharePoint 2013 released on MSDN?
Mike Smith
  I'm downloading some files today from MSDN and see that there are a number of "2013" items just added today for MSDN subscribers! SharePoint 2013 Office Web Apps 2013 Office 2013 Exchange 2013 and more! I'm hoping these are all the RTMs!  Waiting for an official word from somewhere… but still downloading… will have installed shortly! [read].
Posted: Wed, Oct 24th '12
SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati 2012–Oct. 27th #sharepoint #SPSCincinnati #powershell
Mike Smith
  Are you registered yet? SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati Saturday, October 27, 2012 Event details, including speakers and topics have been posted! Go here for details: http://www.sharepointsaturday.org/cincinnati Register here: http://spscincinnati2012.eventbrite.com/ Twitter: #SPSCincinnati My topic will be "Exploring and Auditing SharePoint Using PowerShell" This session shows how to use [read].
Posted: Thu, Oct 18th '12
Cincinnati PowerShell Events
Mike Smith
  Cincinnati PowerShell User Group The next meeting of the Cincinnati PowerShell User Group is Thursday October 18th at MAX Technical Training. I'll be speaking on "How to use PowerShell to use, filter and merge data from multiple systems". I'll be showing how to work across three systems, AD, SharePoint and SQL to collect data about a subset of employees and post the results to a SharePoint list [read].
Posted: Wed, Oct 17th '12
SharePoint - Filtering a View by Group Membership
Mike Smith
  I use this blog to both share things I have discovered about SharePoint and as a place to store "stuff" so I can find it later. Kind of like personal notes…  The following is not an original discovery, just a step by step set of notes for a solution from tips I have found elsewhere. The core XML that led to this article where found here:http://spboom.com/sharepoint-development/ [read].
Posted: Sun, Oct 14th '12
SharePoint–Finding Column Display and Internal Names
Mike Smith
  Many customizer and developer projects require knowing the "internal names" for list and library fields. For example the task list field "% Complete" is internally named "PercentComplete". Here are a few ways to find the internal name: From the browser From SharePoint Designer Using PowerShell Using a C# Console Application Using the Client Side Object Model Using JavaScript Client Side [read].
Posted: Wed, Oct 10th '12
End of support for Internet Explorer 7 in Office 365
Mike Smith
  Just got the latest service alert for Office 365… End of support for Internet Explorer 7Internet Explorer 7 is not compatible with the updates to Office Web Apps. For the best user experience, Office 365 users should continue to use a modern web browser. Safari 4.x is also no longer supported. (But newer versions are.) More here: http://community.office365.com/en-us/wikis/office_365_ [read].
Posted: Mon, Oct 8th '12
SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati 2012–Oct. 27th
Mike Smith
  SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati Saturday, October 27, 2012 Event details, including speakers and topics have been posted! Go here for details: http://www.sharepointsaturday.org/cincinnati Register here:  http://spscincinnati2012.eventbrite.com/ Twitter: #SPSCincinnati My topic will be "Exploring and Auditing SharePoint Using PowerShell" This session shows how to use PowerShell in both [read].
Posted: Sun, Sep 23rd '12
Final Reminder! First Ever Cincinnati PowerShell User Group Meeting 8/28! #powershell
Mike Smith
  Tuesday, August 28, 2012, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (add it to your calendar NOW!) It's free! Go here and register NOW!http://www.meetup.com/TechLife-Cincinnati/events/75092962/(Registration is not required, but will help us plan for the event, order pizza and spread the word.) Speaker is scheduled, SWAG is being acquired, people are signing up. Ed Wilson, the Microsoft Scripting Guy and a [read].
Posted: Sun, Aug 26th '12
SharePoint PowerShell cmdlets Equivalents for SharePoint 2007
Mike Smith
  SharePoint 2007 administrators may feel a bit left out when the see all of the articles showing how to do quick and powerful things with SharePoint 2010 PowerShell cmdlets. In this article I will show how to create common SharePoint objects without using the cmdlets. This article is not done… I will be adding to it. Let me know if you need any other cmdlet replacements. When I get a chance [read].
Posted: Fri, Aug 24th '12
SharePoint: PowerShell to find all Content Types that use a Site Column #sp2010 #sharepoint #powershell
Mike Smith
  Just another little PowerShell script for SharePoint… The following will report all Content Types in a single Site Collection that uses a particular Site Column. This is related to this article PowerShell to find SharePoint Content Types.   The Script:$site = Get-SPSite http://sharepoint/sites/training #your URL here! $web = $site.RootWeb # Get the GUID of your Site Column $guid = $fields[" [read].
Posted: Wed, Aug 22nd '12
SharePoint 2010 - Create a Calendar View without Hyperlinks
Mike Smith
  This article is one of the many tips in my book, SharePoint 2007 and 2010 Customization for the Site Owner, and presented here as a response to an MSDN forum question. So if this is useful to you… buy the book! A 2007 version is here and in a lot more detail in my book.   We often need a calendar view that is just a "calendar view". I.e. no hyperlinks, just text. In SharePoint 2010 the data for [read].
Posted: Wed, Aug 22nd '12
Cincinnati SharePoint User Group Lightning Rounds! #cincyspug #sharepoint #spug
Mike Smith
  6:00 PM 9/6/2012 at MAX Technical Training http://www.CincinnatiSPUG.org Lightning Rounds (You can be a speaker too!) The Cincinnati SPUG September meeting will feature what we call a Lightning Round session where each presenter will have 5 to 15 minutes to present on anything related to SharePoint. We do this just for fun, and as a great way to get people with SharePoint expertise to start [read].
Posted: Fri, Aug 17th '12
Cincinnati PowerShell User Group Meeting 8/28!
Mike Smith
  Tuesday, August 28, 2012, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (add it to your calendar NOW!) It's free! Go here and register NOW!http://www.meetup.com/TechLife-Cincinnati/events/75092962/(Registration is not required, but will help us plan for the event, order pizza and spread the word.) Speaker is scheduled, SWAG is being acquired, people are signing up. Ed Wilson, the Microsoft Scripting Guy and a well-known [read].
Posted: Fri, Aug 17th '12
Which Excel, Visio and other Office products can "Publish" to SharePoint #sharepoint #sp2010 #visio
Mike Smith
  A frequent question I get is "I can't publish to SharePoint". Not all editions of Excel and Visio have the publish feature! Excel and Excel Services Any edition of Excel can save files to a SharePoint library. Only the following editions of Excel 2010 can publish to Excel Services: Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 Microsoft Office Professional Academic 2010 Microsoft Excel [read].
Posted: Sat, Aug 4th '12
New Cincinnati PowerShell User Group! #powershell
Mike Smith
  Tuesday, August 28, 2012, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (add it to your calendar NOW!) Ed Wilson, the Microsoft Scripting Guy and a well-known scripting expert, will be the kick off speaker for the new Cincinnati PowerShell user group. His topic will be "Using Windows PowerShell 3.0 to manage the remote Windows 8 workstation". Come prepared to network, talk PowerShell and even volunteer to support this [read].
Posted: Thu, Jul 26th '12
SharePoint 2013 MSDN / TechNet Forums are up
Mike Smith
  As you start downloading and installing SharePoint 2013 (you are aren't you???) and have questions you may want to post them to these forums: SharePoint 2013 Preview for IT Professionals Use this forum to ask questions and comment about SharePoint 2013 Preview as it pertains to setup, deployment, administration, and other IT Professional issues. SharePoint 2013 Preview for Developers Use this [read].
Posted: Mon, Jul 16th '12
SharePoint: Lost a bet to myself!
Mike Smith
  After skipping unlucky version 13 and jumping from version 12 to version 14 I was certain that Microsoft would call the next version of Office and SharePoint anything other that 2013.  Oh well…   (my shortest post of the year?)   . [read].
Posted: Mon, Jul 16th '12
Spam, spam, spam…
Mike Smith
  This is just a placeholder to see how many blog spammers post without reading.  All responses to this blog are moderated and all spam posts are flagged as spam so blogger/google can pre-mark them as spam for other bloggers. [read].
Posted: Mon, Jul 9th '12
SharePoint: Search and Replace in Content Editor Web Parts
Mike Smith
  If you are interested in the use of these types of PowerShell scripts to explore and audit SharePoint then you may want to attend my “Exploring and Auditing SharePoint Using PowerShell” session at SharePoint Saturday Dayton this Saturday.     There’s a question in the MSDN SharePoint forums about how to update Content Editor Web Parts in hundreds of web part pages. These web parts had URLs [read].
Posted: Tue, Jun 26th '12
SharePoint Saturday Dayton 2012 this Saturday! #spsdayton @spsdayton #sharepoint #powershell
Mike Smith
  It's less than a week to the very first SharePoint Saturday Dayton event. Twenty sessions and twenty speakers means that there's something for everyone… admins, devs, site owners, business owners, and end users. Oh, and don't forget SharePoint Saturday Louisville and SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati coming up in July and October. It's almost full! Register now or be sorry! My Topic: Exploring [read].
Posted: Mon, Jun 25th '12
SharePoint Saturday Dayton 2012 in One Week! #spsdayton @spsdayton #sharepoint #sp2010
Mike Smith
  It's less than a week to the very first SharePoint Saturday Dayton event. Twenty sessions and twenty speakers means that there's something for everyone… admins, devs, site owners, business owners, and end users. Oh, and don't forget SharePoint Saturday Louisville and SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati coming up in July and October. It's almost full! Register now or be sorry! Reasons to attend [read].
Posted: Fri, Jun 22nd '12
SharePoint: Hide a web part for selected users
Mike Smith
  "Out of the box" there are no "deny permission" features in SharePoint, only grant permissions. If you have a group called Sales with 1000 users, and you would like to use the SharePoint Audience feature to display a web part for everyone in Sales except for Sam, Susan and Bob, you will have to create a new group with 997 users named "Sales except for Sam, Susan and Bob" (and then maintain two [read].
Posted: Thu, Jun 21st '12
SharePoint: Attachments to list items do not appear in search results???
Mike Smith
  True or Not? Microsoft's documentation for SharePoint Server 2010 states "Attachments to list items do not appear in search results" in both the site's help form (screen below) and the online documentation. But in my tests I can find documents that are list attachments! The SharePoint Server 2010 help page:        My Test The attachment in my test:     The search results showing the [read].
Posted: Mon, Jun 18th '12
SharePoint 2010–Fun with Scrollbars! #sharepoint #sp2010
Mike Smith
Please, please, please… I'm not starting a debate on the pros and cons of scrollbars!      I'm just showing how to add them if you need them… The following is for SharePoint 2010 and Office 365 / SharePoint Online. Change How the Page Scrollbars Work SharePoint uses JavaScript to make sure the ribbon stays at the top of the page. This results in the ribbon staying fixed, but also means that we [read].
Posted: Sat, Jun 16th '12
SharePoint Saturday Dayton 2012 in Three Weeks!
Mike Smith
  It's less than three weeks to the very first SharePoint Saturday Dayton event. Twenty sessions and twenty speakers means that there's something for everyone… admins, devs, site owners, business owners, and end users. Oh, and don't forget SharePoint Saturday Louisville and SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati coming up in July and October. Reasons to attend SharePoint Saturday Dayton: It's free It's [read].
Posted: Sun, Jun 10th '12
SharePoint Office Web Apps
Mike Smith
  I'm astounded each time I mention Office Web Apps in my classes and presentations and find that many of the SharePoint users still have not used, or even heard of, these FREE SharePoint add ins.   What are the Office Web Apps? Simply stated, Office Web Apps are Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote running in a web browser. Or a better way to say this is these are Office applications that have [read].
Posted: Mon, May 21st '12
SharePoint: Force the New button to show Content Type choices
Mike Smith
  Note: The following only applies to SharePoint 2007, but I'm looking into a similar fix for 2010.   Content Types add a lot of value to SharePoint, if you can get your users to use them. When you upload a document to a library where you have Content Types enabled the user is always asked to pick a content type.     But when a user is working with a list, such as Tasks, and clicks the New [read].
Posted: Wed, May 9th '12
SharePoint: Preventing Content Type Changes
Mike Smith
  There are many good reasons to use Content Types… if you can get people to use them, and then leave them alone.   :-) When creating a new list item based on a Content Type the user needs to select the Content Type from the New dropdown. Once selected, the Content Type should generally not be changed. Changing it is too easy as the user is offered the choice every time they edit the item. [read].
Posted: Tue, May 8th '12
Adding JavaScript and CSS to SharePoint
Mike Smith
  Many of my Site Owner customization tips require adding CSS and JavaScript to individual pages, the Content Editor Web Part or to the master page. Instead of repeating those steps over and over I'll link to this page in the future. (This is an expansion of an earlier article found here.) Where to put your JavaScript or CSS Where to put your JavaScript or CSS Where you put the JavaScript or CSS [read].
Posted: Tue, May 8th '12
SharePoint 2010, the Content Editor Web Part, and Broken Views… #sharepoint #sp2010
Mike Smith
  The following is an excerpt from chapter 7 of my book SharePoint 2007 and 2010 Customization for the Site Owner. I keep getting questions on this so I thought I’d post it here. (You should still by the book!)   Adding a Content Editor Web Part to a view page like "Allitems.aspx" is a great way of customizing list and library views in SharePoint 2007. This generally had no negative impact, was [read].
Posted: Mon, May 7th '12
SharePoint Governance Training #sharepoint #sp2010 #governance
Mike Smith
  Creating a SharePoint governance plan, correctly, can be a real challenge as SharePoint governance is only partially about SharePoint. Because SharePoint is (too) easy to use it attracts content, user, compliance and best practices problems. Without a plan… well you know what you’ve got. There are several approaches to creating your governance plan. One is to download one of the sample plans [read].
Posted: Fri, May 4th '12
Cincinnati and Dayton SharePoint User Group May Meetings
Mike Smith
  Cincinnati SharePoint User Group http://www.CincinnatiSPUG.org Thursday, May 3rd, 2012, 6:30 PM (Pizza and networking at 6:00) This month's presentation: How many web applications do I need? Why? Speaker: Shane Young, SharePoint Server MVP In this session we will talk about web applications and how with proper planning they make life easier for your users, not harder as often [read].
Posted: Mon, Apr 30th '12
SharePoint Saturdays in Dayton and Cincinnati #sharepoint @SPSDayton #SPSCincinnati
Mike Smith
  SharePoint Saturday Dayton June 30th, 2012 Call for sponsors! (almost over!) Call for speakers! (until May 4th) Registration is now open! http://www.sharepointsaturday.org/dayton Follow on Twitter: @SPSDayton   SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati October 27th, 2012 Follow on Twitter:  #SPSCincinnati http://www.sharepointsaturday.org/cincinnati   . [read].
Posted: Fri, Apr 20th '12
Cincinnati SharePoint User Group Meeting 4/4/2012!
Mike Smith
  This month we will have two presentations: Clint Richardson will be giving a presentation on SharePoint Security   Bill Crider will be giving a presentation on customizing My Sites   And… I have a couple of new books to add to the door prizes.   http://www.CincinnatiSPUG.org Twitter: @cincyspug           . [read].
Posted: Wed, Apr 4th '12
SharePoint Saturday Call for Speakers and Sponsors is Open!
Mike Smith
  Our very first SharePoint Saturday Dayton is in the works!  Join SharePoint architects, developers, and other professionals that work with Microsoft SharePoint for the very first "SharePoint Saturday Dayton" event on June 30th.  SharePoint Saturday is an educational, informative & lively day filled with sessions from respected SharePoint professionals & MVPs, covering a wide variety of [read].
Posted: Wed, Apr 4th '12
Names you can’t use for a SharePoint subsite!
Mike Smith
    Try to create a subsite in a publishing site named "Workflowtasks" Error The Web site address "/workflowtasks" is already in use.   I checked and View All Site Content does not list this subsite. But... it does list a list named "Workflow Tasks". That should not be a problem as the URL for lists always include "/Lists/". http://intranet.contoso.com/Lists/ [read].
Posted: Sun, Mar 25th '12
Last Chance to Sign Up for SharePoint Cincy 2012! #SPCincy2012 #sharepoint #sp2010 #office365
Mike Smith
    SharePoint Cincy – March 16th, 2012 Northern Kentucky University’s Center for Applied Informatics and MAX Technical Training are bringing a major SharePoint event to the Cincinnati area! SharePoint Cincy will be held at the METS Center located in Erlanger, KY. The METS center is near the Cincinnati airport (CVG) and has lots of free parking. You’ve got to be registered to attend and it’s [read].
Posted: Thu, Mar 15th '12
SharePoint Cincy – This Friday - March 16th, 2012
Mike Smith
    SharePoint Cincy – March 16th, 2012 Northern Kentucky University’s Center for Applied Informatics and MAX Technical Training are bringing a major SharePoint event to the Cincinnati area! SharePoint Cincy will be held at the METS Center located in Erlanger, KY. The METS center is near the Cincinnati airport (CVG) and has lots of free parking. Only a few days left! You’ve got to be [read].
Posted: Sun, Mar 11th '12
SharePoint: Search, Filter or Sort Lists from a Query String #sp2007 #sp2010 #sharepoint #office365
Mike Smith
  The following works in SP 2007, SP 2010 and Office 365/SharePoint Online   Microsoft has generally done a good job of keeping new versions of SharePoint compatible with the older versions. While over time some features have dropped out of the documentation, most still work. An example is the Query String option to sort and filter a list. This was a feature from “SharePoint Team [read].
Posted: Mon, Mar 5th '12
SharePoint Cincy – Two weeks from Today!
Mike Smith
  SharePoint Cincy – March 16th, 2012 Northern Kentucky University’s Center for Applied Informatics and MAX Technical Training are bringing a major SharePoint event to the Cincinnati area! SharePoint Cincy will be held at the METS Center located in Erlanger, KY. The METS center is near the Cincinnati airport (CVG) and has lots of free parking. Only two weeks left! You’ve got to be registered [read].
Posted: Thu, Mar 1st '12
The SharePoint Site Icon and PowerShell
Mike Smith
  Governance and the desire for a consistent user interface may require you to occasionally change or reset the image used for the site icon.   First a few notes on the site icon Sometimes Microsoft calls it the Site Icon and sometimes the Site Logo   The site logo is changed using Site Actions, Site Settings, Title, Description and Icon       If the URL is blank in [read].
Posted: Mon, Feb 27th '12
Cincinnati SharePoint User Group #cincyspug #sharepoint #sp2010 #office365
Mike Smith
  Cincinnati SharePoint User Group The next meeting is Thursday, March 1st, at 6:00 PM http://www.CincinnatiSPUG.org   Topic:  Managed Metadata Services - Real World experiences how to leverage the feature within SharePoint from a PowerUser and Administrator point-of view! Speaker:  Tony Maddin     . [read].
Posted: Sat, Feb 25th '12
SharePoint Saturday Dayton! June 30th, 2012
Mike Smith
    We’ve had SharePoint Saturdays in Columbus, last year we had our first in Cincinnati, and now we have one coming up in Dayton! There’s not much to report yet… but save the date!  June 30th, 2012.   Check here for updates: http://www.sharepointsaturday.org/dayton/default.aspx   and follow #SPSDAYTON on Twitter.   . [read].
Posted: Mon, Feb 20th '12
SharePoint: Group by Year or Month in a View #sharepoint #sp2010 #office365
Mike Smith
  The following is for SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Online.   Grouping by Year Grouping by year is pretty straight forward, just add a calculated column to your list to display the year and then group on that column in a view. Steps: Add a new column to your list or library 2007: Click Settings and then Create Column 2010: In the ribbon click [read].
Posted: Mon, Feb 20th '12
SharePoint Customization for the Site Owner – The Class! #sharepoint #sp2010 #office365 #MAXCincinnati
Mike Smith
  This Wednesday I will be offering a class and hands-on lab based on my book,  SharePoint 2007 and 2010 Customization for the Site Owner, at MAX Technical Training. In the morning we will see how these customizations are done, what you can and cannot do, and do a few hands-on walk troughs. In the afternoon you can use our lab computers, or if you have remote access to your SharePoint site you [read].
Posted: Mon, Feb 20th '12
PowerShell Saturday! -- Interested in a PowerShell user group in Cincinnati?
Mike Smith
  PowerShell Saturday in Columbus The first ever PowerShell Saturday will be held in Columbus, OH on March 10th. If you have not already registered, then it’s too late! It’s a sell out! But you might want to check the link below to see if they open up any more tickets.     Tickets: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/2860436643/eorg     I got my ticket!   PowerShell in Cincinnati? So… would [read].
Posted: Sat, Feb 18th '12
SharePoint: Finding the Site GUID
Mike Smith
  Had a nice quite evening planned, and then someone sends me in search of a wild goose...  Because of a security issue they could not use my little GUID getter tool on their site and they were looking for some other way of getting a site GUID. The wild goose hunt paid off as I found two… For those who have bought my book, you may want add a note on page 307 to see this article.   [read].
Posted: Mon, Feb 13th '12
SharePoint Error: This item is no longer available. It may have been deleted by another user
Mike Smith
  This item is no longer available.  It may have been deleted by another user.  Click 'OK' to refresh the page.   A Missing Permission This error is caused by either out of date pages that need to be refreshed, as you would expect from the message, or from a missing permission. If the user does not have the “View Application pages” then they cannot get to “forms, views and application [read].
Posted: Thu, Feb 9th '12
SharePoint: How to add JavaScript to a Content Editor Web Part
Mike Smith
  The following may be a bit redundant as it has been part of many of my “JavaScript hacks” posts, but I’m asked so often I thought I would put it in a article by itself.   The Content Editor Web Part (CEWP) SharePoint 2007 gave us a nice little web part to insert HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and even just some text, in any web part page. SharePoint 2010 “broke” this web part a bit by trying to “ [read].
Posted: Wed, Feb 8th '12
What do you call that? How do you capitalize this? The Microsoft Manual of Style
Mike Smith
  How do you… If you write in the world of technology, whether blogs, books, training manuals, or even PowerPoint slides for your local user group, then you are often asking things like: Is it “sub-folder” or “subfolder”? What is that thing at the bottom of the screen called? Is it an “Application Menu” or an “App Menu”? Is it a “Status Bar” or a “status bar” In the old days [read].
Posted: Wed, Feb 1st '12
Cincinnati SharePoint User Group Lightning Round this Thursday Evening! #sharepoint #sp2010
Mike Smith
  Below is my post from last week about the “Lightning Rounds” presentations for this Thursday’s Cincinnati SharePoint User Group meeting.  (and yes… I did mistype it as “Lighting Rounds”… oh well…) So far we have presentations lined up for these topics: (exact titles TBD) Do you need a File Upload Web Part to allow uploading of files without giving access to the Document Library? Tricks [read].
Posted: Mon, Jan 30th '12
A New SharePoint Designer 2010 Class
Mike Smith
  SharePoint Designer 2010 Class This week i will deliver a new SharePoint Designer 2010 class at MAX Technical Training. We reviewed all of the existing classes we could find, and none met our requirements. The problem with most SharePoint Designer classes is that they focus on SharePoint Designer the program rather than what you can do with SharePoint Designer to customize your SharePoint [read].
Posted: Mon, Jan 30th '12
SharePoint 2010: Cannot find ContentPlaceHolder 'PlaceHolderLeftActions' in the master page '~masterurl/default.master' #sharepoint #sp2010
Mike Smith
  A simple error caused by a minimal problem   ;-)   The odds are you or someone on your team was playing with master pages and set the minimal.master as the default master page. As the minimal master is not a complete master page, some of the place holders needed by many pages are missing.   SharePoint Designer To fix, just go to SharePoint Designer and reapply the v4.master (or which [read].
Posted: Sun, Jan 29th '12
Cincinnati SharePoint User Group Lightning Round in February! #sharepoint #sp2010 #cincyspug
Mike Smith
  The Cincinnati SharePoint User Group meets the first Thursday of every month at 6:00 PM at MAX Technical Training in Mason, Ohio (directions). The next meeting is 2/2/2012.   Lighting Round! February  is our "Lighting Round" meeting where everyone is welcome to submit a proposal to speak for anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. These have been a lot of fun in the past and no matter your [read].
Posted: Sun, Jan 22nd '12
What Time is it in SharePoint Land? (I missed your meeting because of the time listed in the calendar!)
Mike Smith
  Luis is SharePoint user working on a SharePoint installation installed in the corporate headquarters in Los Angles. The server there is setup on Pacific Time (UTC-08:00). Sam is a team member based in the Atlanta office who has changed his Regional Settings to Eastern Time (UTC-05:00). Sam schedules a Team Meeting for 10:00 AM. Luis checks the team calendar as sees: Luis is in [read].
Posted: Thu, Jan 19th '12
SharePoint Cincy 2012 Early Bird Discounted Registration Now Available
Mike Smith
    Need I say more! Go here http://www.sharepointcincy.com/ and click Register Now before 2/29/12.     . [read].
Posted: Tue, Jan 17th '12
Adding JavaScript to a SharePoint 2010 Wiki, and other Wiki Tips and Tricks #sharepoint #sp2010 #Office365
Mike Smith
  The SharePoint 2010 Wiki has a few interesting changes… some I personally think are oversights, some are SharePoint trying to keep you “out of trouble”. Some of things I will look at here: Why can’t I see a list of all of the Wiki pages? The Rename Page button in the Ribbon is grayed out! How can I insert JavaScript and other content not supported by the Ribbon?    Why can’t I [read].
Posted: Tue, Jan 17th '12
SharePoint: Hide List and Library Column Headings #sharepoint #sp2010 #office365
Mike Smith
  I have updated the “Hide List and Library Column Headings” article to add notes for SharePoint 2010 and Office 365! Go here for the details: http://techtrainingnotes.blogspot.com/2009/06/sharepoint-hide-list-and-library-column.html   Before (2007): After (2007):   Before (2010): After (2010): Note: after this customization the checkbox column disappears, at least until [read].
Posted: Fri, Jan 13th '12
SharePoint: Move the “Add New” Link to the Top of the Web Part #sharepoint #sp2010
Mike Smith
  When you display a long list in a web part you will find that the “Add new” link is often out of sight at the bottom of the page. Your users will have to scroll to the find the link. This article takes a look at some JavaScript to change the order things are displayed in a web part.   The before and after:   Note: This has been tested on only one SharePoint 2010 installation, so use at [read].
Posted: Sat, Jan 7th '12
My Blog’s Year in Review…
Mike Smith
  I’ve seen that a number of bloggers have posted a “year in review” article, and someone asked where mine was, so…   2011?   79 blog posts Spoke at 7 events including user groups, SharePoint Saturdays and SharePoint Cincy Volunteered at TechEd in Atlanta Wrote a book! Wrote a magazine article Taught way too many classes (my day job!) Updated two courses we have in the Microsoft [read].
Posted: Sat, Jan 7th '12
Cincinnati SharePoint User Group Meeting Tonight! #sharepoint #sp2010 @cincyspug @MAXCincinnati
Mike Smith
  Last minute reminder… Meeting agenda Date:         January 5, 2012, Thursday Time:         6:00 – 8:00 pm. Where:       Max Technical Training, 4900 Parkway Dr. #160 Mason, OH.                     Click on the link for directions  http://www.maxtrain.com/directions/ Schedule: 6:00 – 6:25 - Socials and Networking - No Registration required 6:25 – 6:30 - Introduction of Agenda [read].
Posted: Thu, Jan 5th '12
SharePoint: Not all column types can be used in Calculated or Lookup columns (plus a trick to add back four of them!) #sp2010 #sharepoint #sharepointonline
Mike Smith
  A recent question in the MSDN forums got me to looking again at the limitations on the use of certain column types in calculations or lookups. The list of column types that can be used in lookups is quite limited, but with a trick using a calculated column we can add four more to the list.   For my test I added all of the following columns to a custom list. These include the basic columns [read].
Posted: Mon, Jan 2nd '12
SharePoint Exams 70-667 and 70-667 Being Updated for Office 365 #sharepoint #sp2010 #office365
Mike Smith
  If you have been preparing for the SharePoint administrator exams, you are about to get a surprise! The exam’s web page has this little tidbit… 70-667 and 70-668 will be updated for SharePoint 2010 SP1 and Office 365 in January, 2012. http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/exam.aspx?id=70-667 They don’t list a date, so assuming January 1st…take the exam tomorrow or Saturday, or [read].
Posted: Thu, Dec 29th '11
SharePoint: Displaying PDFs from a Dropdown Menu
Mike Smith
Browsing the MSDN SharePoint forums can really bring up some interesting ideas. Recently there was a question about how to display collections of PDF files in a web page. The question included a link to an article on embedding PDFs in SharePoint 2007 by Sharon Richardson. Sharon’s approach used an tag. The tag’s SRC attribute is not updateable by JavaScript and I did not want a [read].
Posted: Sat, Dec 24th '11
December 2011 CU for SharePoint 2007 and 2010 has been released
Mike Smith
  December 2011 CU for SharePoint 2010 has been released Go here and see the links to the details for what’s included: http://blogs.technet.com/b/stefan_gossner/archive/2011/12/14/december-2011-cu-for-sharepoint-2010-has-been-released.aspx   December 2011 CU for SharePoint 2007 has been released http://blogs.technet.com/b/stefan_gossner/archive/2011/12/17/december-2011-cu-for-sharepoint- [read].
Posted: Mon, Dec 19th '11
40% off SharePoint 2007 and 2010 Customization for the Site Owner this week only #sharepoint #sp2010
Mike Smith
  Almost everything in the book also applies to Office 365 / SharePoint Online!   How about a little Christmas sale! 40% off between now and December 25th. That’s $17.97 plus shipping. Just go here: https://www.createspace.com/3471790 and enter this discount code: DY62TZH4 (shipping to Cincinnati was $3.59 the last time I checked)   Or, you can order it on Amazon.com [read].
Posted: Sun, Dec 18th '11
SharePoint: Change the color of a web part column #sharepoint #office365 #sp2010
Mike Smith
  Over in my article on color coding lists I got this question: “Can you post a snippet of code that shows how to apply color to a particular column - the entire column (i.e., column 7)” Well, here’s two possible solutions. And you can change anything about the column by changing the CSS. Set the text to bold, change the font family or font size, or add borders.   Change the color of a [read].
Posted: Sun, Dec 18th '11
Review: Amazon Fire
Mike Smith
So what does this have to do with SharePoint, .NET or other technologies I cover in this blog? Three things I guess… I read SharePoint books using an older Kindle, I wrote a book that cannot be ported to the old Kindle (at least not without starting over), and I’m starting to play with portable devices to access SharePoint sites. (If you are in a hurry, scroll down to the SharePoint section or [read].
Posted: Sat, Dec 17th '11
Black Friday Certification Prep Deal???
Mike Smith
  I just got an email from MeasureUp.com with a 2 for 1 deal for exam prep materials.  The ad says “Get two practice tests for the price of one!”  Sounds good to me as I have a few exams planed in the next month, but when I click the ad to go to their site, there’s nothing about the deal. Maybe they got the email out ahead of the emails… In any case, it says Good thru Friday December 2, 2011, [read].
Posted: Fri, Nov 25th '11
10 Reasons Not to Brand SharePoint #sharepoint #sp2010 #spbranding
Mike Smith
  I wrote a magazine article! While that was fun, I’m really surprised at the follow up it received. It’s gotten some interesting comments via Twitter, a discussion over at LinkedIn and even a couple of articles about the article! Some folks strongly agree, some strongly disagree and one even thinks it’s funny. As long as I got people interested in the topic, I‘m happy!   So do me a favor… I’ [read].
Posted: Mon, Nov 7th '11
SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati is ... well this Saturday!
Mike Smith
  Cincinnati’s first SharePoint Saturday is in three days! Are you registered yet? If not, go here now: http://www.sharepointsaturday.org/cincinnati/default.aspx With twenty different presentations you can’t miss!   I will be giving two presentations:   SharePoint Governance... It may not be what you think it is... and   SharePoint 2007, 2010 and Office 365 for Site Owners and Power Users [read].
Posted: Wed, Oct 26th '11
SharePoint Online Service Update – Cool things coming to Office 365/SharePoint Online! #sharepoint #sp2010 #office365 #sharepointonline
Mike Smith
  See here for details: http://www.office365blog.co.uk/2011/10/important-information-for-coming.html   BCS! SharePoint Online will now have BCS! The lack of BCS is a real problem for many people wanting to try out the “cloud” and especially when the only custom code is via a sandbox solution.  But sadly, this is for Enterprise (“E” plan) subscriptions only.   Windows Phone 7 "Mango”  (the [read].
Posted: Mon, Oct 24th '11
SharePoint: Create an Alert from Anywhere
Mike Smith
  Users typically create an alert from a list’s ribbon or an item’s dropdown or ribbon. Regardless of where they click they get directed to /_layouts/SubNew.aspx, which is the Alert creation page. (Would you have guessed that a page named SubNew was used to create alerts?) As long as you know how to setup (or copy) this URL you can create a link to create an Alert from anywhere. In this article [read].
Posted: Sun, Oct 16th '11
SharePoint 2010 Book Recommendations
Mike Smith
I have not created a book list in quite a while and needed to put together an updated SharePoint 2010 book list for the folks who attend my classes. This list is not complete and unless otherwise noted only contains books I have personally reviewed. Let me know of there are any other books you think I should review and possibly add to this list…     Categories of books below: SharePoint [read].
Posted: Sat, Oct 15th '11
SharePoint 2010 & 365: Tighten up the Quick Launch area
Mike Smith
  Too much white space! One change made in SharePoint 2010 that I don’t like is all of the extra white space in the Quick Launch area. So I did a little playing around with the CSS for Quick Launch (with a little help from Heather Solomon…) and came up with this:   Before: After: [read].
Posted: Thu, Oct 13th '11
Heather Solomon’s CSS Chart now available for SharePoint 2010! #sharepoint #sp2010
Mike Smith
  Heather Solomon’s CSS reference chart for SharePoint 2007 has always been a required bookmark for customizers. When Heather spoke at the Cincinnati SharePoint User Group meeting a while back she hinted that a new chart was in the works…. Heather has released a new CSS reference chart for SharePoint 2010!   SharePoint 2010 CSS Reference Chart:   http://sharepointexperience.com/csschart/ [read].
Posted: Thu, Oct 13th '11
Cincinnati SharePoint User Group Meeting Tonight! And Dayton next Tuesday! @cincyspug @dayspug #sharepoint
Mike Smith
Just a last minute reminder! Cincinnati SharePoint User Group October 3rd, 2011  6:00 at MAX Details, directions… www.CincinnatiSPUG.org October's Presentation Presentation Abstract Curious what happens when SharePoint process management meets Mad Lib? Want to find out?  This very unique demonstration, presented by Jason Keller: Sr Consultant of TekDog Inc., will give you an [read].
Posted: Thu, Oct 6th '11
Get the current URL in a SharePoint page or web part #sharepoint
Mike Smith
  Just a quick note on getting the URL of the current page in a SharePoint C# project.   Three ways: #1 (preferred if there is also a query string in the URL)    string url = Request.Url.AbsoluteUri; #2    string url = "http://" + Request.ServerVariables["SERVER_NAME"] + Request.ServerVariables["URL"]; #3 (preferred for web parts - see below)    string url = SPContext = " + [read].
Posted: Sun, Oct 2nd '11
SharePoint User Group Meetings!
Mike Smith
  Cincinnati SharePoint User Group October 3rd, 2011 Details, directions… www.CincinnatiSPUG.org October's Presentation Presentation Abstract Curious what happens when SharePoint process management meets Mad Lib? Want to find out?  This very unique demonstration, presented by Jason Keller: Sr Consultant of TekDog Inc., will give you an easy-to-follow walkthrough on how to quickly automate [read].
Posted: Thu, Sep 29th '11
Do want to explore SharePoint 2010?
Mike Smith
  Would you like to explore SharePoint 2010, but don’t want to build your own SharePoint server? A year or two ago I wouldInbox (1046) have told you to build your own servers, or download the Information Worker evaluation virtual hard disk. There’s a third option that will serve the needs of many of the curious… Office 365. Just go here and sign up for a demo account and explore away for [read].
Posted: Mon, Sep 19th '11
SharePoint 2010 Developer’s Certification Boot Camp!
Mike Smith
  One week to go! Two month’s ago MAX Technical Training and I put together a 6 day, 11 hours per day, SharePoint administrator’s certification boot camp (MA-1071). It was so much fun that we decided to do it again, but for developers this time. A week from now we will deliver a certification boot camp for developers (MA-1072).   Here’s what’s included in the boot camp: Microsoft Official [read].
Posted: Sun, Sep 18th '11
The SharePoint 2010 Information Work VHD has been updated #sharepoint #sharepoint2010 #sp2010
Mike Smith
  Updated SharePoint Evaluation VHD   Last week in a SharePoint class I did a web search to show the class where they could download the SharePoint 2010 Information Worker evaluation virtual disk image. All I got was the “bad link” page at Microsoft. Turns out Microsoft was just releasing an updated image! Here’s the current URL: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?displaylang= [read].
Posted: Sun, Sep 18th '11
SharePoint 2010: Changes to HTML with Service Pack 1
Mike Smith
Hacking around SharePoint’s HTML, CSS and JavaScript is both fun and a powerful way to enhance SharePoint without deploying custom code to the web servers. I call it “hacking” as Microsoft never intended for us to know or care about what’s behind the browser. While it’s rare for a Service Pack to change the HTML delivered to the browser, SP1 did change the JavaScript library used for the Calendar [read].
Posted: Tue, Sep 6th '11
Slides and additional info from my SharePoint Saturday Columbus presentation
Mike Smith
  SharePoint 2007 & 2010 (and Office 365!) Customization for Site Owners   Here’s the PDF of the slides from my presentation for SharePoint Saturday Columbus (8/20/11): download it   More from the book…   Much of the background for this presentation is from my book “SharePoint 2007 and 2010 Customization for the Site Owner”. There you can find more on: The basics of HTML, CSS, [read].
Posted: Sun, Sep 4th '11
SharePoint 2010: Replace the I Like It and the Tags and Notes icons #sharepoint #sp2010
Mike Smith
  Don’t like the little smiley face icons in the 2010 ribbon?     Change it: (hopefully to something better looking)       Option 1: If you have access to the web servers, you could edit the /Layouts/images/mossfgimg.png image: (I rotated it 90 degrees to take up less space here.) Editing the file on the server is a bad practice for a number of reasons. Option 2: Add a [read].
Posted: Wed, Aug 24th '11
Excel Services and Chart Web Part Error
Mike Smith
SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Edition     “An unexpected error has occurred.”   Here’s a great error message from the SharePoint 2010 Chart Web Part when attempting to connect to an Excel Services published workbook: To add to the fun, the correlation ID does not show up in my Event log or the SharePoint logs.   Here’s the steps to reproduce: Create an Excel file Publish it to [read].
Posted: Sun, Aug 21st '11
SharePoint Saturday Columbus
Mike Smith
  Last chance reminder! SharePoint Saturday Columbus is tomorrow! If you have not signed up already, it may be full. If you aren’t going and you have signed up, give your ticket to someone else! It will be too good to miss… 30 speakers, 30 topics, lots of networking and cool door prizes! I’ll be speaking on “SharePoint 2007 and 2010 Customization for Site Owners”. This is an updated version of [read].
Posted: Fri, Aug 19th '11
Access Services – Simple problem, simple fix #sp2010 #sharepoint
Mike Smith
  Access Services – An error has occurred…   I “thought” I had everything setup in my test environment that was needed to support Access Services. Then I created a new site based on the “Issues Web Database” template… and got this:   “An error has occurred”, now there is a useful error message! No question about the cause there! Clicking around the site got me these useful popups:   [read].
Posted: Thu, Aug 18th '11
PowerShell to the Rescue… SharePoint User has no EMail address
Mike Smith
  I’m working with a SharePoint farm where the AD synchronization is not working, and we had a user who for some strange reason did not have an email address in SharePoint and could not get alerts. So while we are working out the AD problem, here’s how I quickly added an email address for this user: $user = Get-SPUser domain\username -web http://yourserver/sites/yoursitecollection `check to [read].
Posted: Wed, Aug 17th '11
Searching and Auditing SharePoint with PowerShell
Mike Smith
  Last week I gave a presentation to the Dayton SharePoint user group on using PowerShell to search and audit SharePoint. In this article, and one or two follow ups I’ll expand on that presentation. So what’s here? An overview of permissions needed to use PowerShell with SharePoint How to use PowerShell with both SharePoint 2007 and 2010 The SPFarm object and a few of its properties [read].
Posted: Mon, Aug 15th '11
Speaking at the Dayton SharePoint User Group on Tuesday #powershell #sharepoint @dayspug
Mike Smith
  I will be speaking Tuesday evening, August 9, 2011, at the Dayton SharePoint User Group. The topic will on “Finding Stuff in SharePoint using PowerShell” (formally “Using PowerShell to Audit SharePoint”). http://www.dayspug.org/   Some of the topics covered will include: How to use PowerShell to get a list of all sites in a farm lists that use a selected Content Type [read].
Posted: Mon, Aug 8th '11
Cincinnati SharePoint User Group Meeting Thursday 8/4/11
Mike Smith
  http://www.CincinnatiSPUG.org/   Meeting date:     Aug 4, 2011, Thursday Time:                   6:00 – 8:00 pm. Where:                Max Technical Training, 4900 Parkway Dr. #160 Mason, OH.                                Directions  http://www.maxtrain.com/directions   Schedule: 6:00 – 6:25 - Socials and Networking - No Registration required 6:25 – 6:30 - Introduction of [read].
Posted: Fri, Jul 29th '11
SharePoint 2010: Finding a Unique HTML ID Using the $get Function
Mike Smith
  ID=…   Go look up the definition of the HTML ID attribute. The standards say that the ID must be unique in the page. No two elements should share the same ID.  SharePoint frequently breaks this rule. If you have two web parts of the same, or similar, type, they will often each have elements with the same ID. As an example, any web part in 2010 that displays a document icon (Word, Excel, etc) [read].
Posted: Sun, Jul 24th '11
SharePoint: Changing the “Add New” Icon
Mike Smith
  I just got an interesting question on the “Change the “Add New” message for a web part” article about replacing the icon in the Add New Item area of a web part. As CSS does not let you change the attributes of an element (i.e. “src=”), the solution is a bit of a trick. The before and the after for SharePoint 2007:   And in 2010:     The CSS below first hides the existing icon, and [read].
Posted: Tue, Jul 19th '11
SharePoint Saturday Columbus 2011!
Mike Smith
  Join me and thirty other speakers for a free day of SharePoint learning on Saturday August 20th, 2011.   Go and check out the list of speakers and register!  It’s FREE!    http://www.sharepointsaturday.org/columbus/default.aspx Stolen right from their web site: Join SharePoint architects, developers, and other professionals that work with SharePoint 2007 and 2010 for SharePoint [read].
Posted: Mon, Jul 18th '11
SharePoint 2007: Moving the View Dropdown for Wide Lists
Mike Smith
  One of the annoying “features” of SharePoint 2007 is how the View dropdown gets pushed off of the page when working with list views with many columns.   Left part of the page: One scroll to the right:       Two scrolls to the right and we can now find the view menu:               What would be nicer would be a View menu just to the right of the other toolbar buttons.   All [read].
Posted: Fri, Jul 15th '11
Book’s done! #sharepoint #book #sp2007 #sp2010 #wss #moss
Mike Smith
  I thought I’d write a little book. I had two weeks of vacation time… Take some of the better stuff from the blog, clean it up and polish it, and may be have 250 pages of content… Now ten months later I have 400 pages of content and enough stuff for a second book. I can’t let go of this thing! I finally did one final pass of edits and uploaded it to the publisher! So what did I end up with? [read].
Posted: Fri, Jun 24th '11
SharePoint: Edit date and time in one minute increments
Mike Smith
  When working with SharePoint date fields you are offered a Date Picker that let’s you select time to the nearest five minutes. While this works fine for most tasks and meetings, some manufacturing processes need the time set to the minute. .   I first tried some quick JavaScript tricks to change the dropdown list to include 00 to 59, but it appears that the server side code [read].
Posted: Thu, Jun 23rd '11
SharePoint MVP chat; Wednesday, June 22nd at 9am PDT (Noon in Cincinnati!)
Mike Smith
  June 22nd, 12 Noon, online and live!   Do you have tough technical questions regarding SharePoint for which you're seeking answers? Do you want to tap into the deep knowledge of the talented Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals?  The SharePoint MVPs are the same people you see in the technical community as authors, speakers, user group leaders and answerers in the MSDN and TechNet forums. [read].
Posted: Thu, Jun 16th '11
Finding SharePoint GUIDs using PowerShell
Mike Smith
  Two years or so ago I posted an article on how to find site, web and list GUIDs using a console application or an _LAYOUTS application page. Here’s a little update to do the same thing with a few lines of PowerShell.   2007 version: [System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName("Microsoft.SharePoint") $site = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite("http://yourserver/sites/yoursite") $ [read].
Posted: Wed, Jun 15th '11
SharePoint: How to change the default home page
Mike Smith
  I frequently get questions on changing the home page or using another page as the home page: Can I have three (or four or five or…) columns in the default home page? Do I have to use the new wiki home page in my Team Site? I want to test a new home page design, but I don’t want to lose the existing home page… (just in case you know…) How can I use a page from my wiki library as my [read].
Posted: Mon, Jun 13th '11
SharePoint 2007: Use CSS to Add Colors, Borders and Fonts to Web Parts #sharepoint #css #sp2007
Mike Smith
  In October of last year I wrote an article on changing the color, borders and fonts for SharePoint 2007 web parts. That article used JavaScript to make these changes while this one will use CSS. The CSS in this article is similar to the CSS needed for 2010 (see here), with one annoying difference… SharePoint 2010 has a CSS class defined for all web parts, s4-wpcell, that represents the main [read].
Posted: Sun, Jun 12th '11
SharePoint: Which lists have event receivers?
Mike Smith
  You’ve inherited a SharePoint site. Some of the lists do odd things. Are there event receivers on the list? If you have access to PowerShell and the SharePoint servers, then you can run this little PowerShell script to find out.   For SharePoint 2010: $site = Get-SPSite   http://yourserver/sites/yoursite $web = $site.Rootweb $web.Lists | Where {$_.eventreceivers.count -gt 0} | Select [read].
Posted: Wed, Jun 8th '11
Book review: Mastering Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010
Mike Smith
  Mastering Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 Author: CA Callahan   Ok, I'm impressed! I own and I have reviewed a lot of SharePoint books over the years. This one is one of the most complete and useful I have found. Usually after I have read or reviewed a book I eventually give it away in one of my classes or at the local user groups. I'm keeping this one!  (Sybex… do you want to send me [read].
Posted: Sun, Jun 5th '11
SharePoint 2010: Add Colors, Borders and Fonts to Web Parts
Mike Smith
In October of last year I wrote an article on changing the color, borders and fonts for SharePoint 2007 web parts. Here (finally) I will do the same for SharePoint 2010 web parts. The previous article used JavaScript to make these changes while this one will use CSS. Do you want to change all web parts in all pages, all web parts in a single page or just one web part? Each of these will require [read].
Posted: Sat, Jun 4th '11
SharePoint 2010 Themes
Mike Smith
  The following is just a simple screen capture of a Team Site with each of the out of the box SharePoint 2010 themes. Themes can be selected in Site Actions, Site Settings, Site Theme.   You can click each image to see a larger version.   Azure Berry Bittersweet Cay Classic Construct Convention Felt Graham Grapello Laminate Mission Modern Rose [read].
Posted: Sat, Jun 4th '11
Cincinnati SharePoint User Group Meeting on 6/2/11
Mike Smith
  Not that you care about door prizes and such… but I brought back a bunch of stuff from TechEd!   Date:         June 2, 2011, Thursday Time:         6:00 – 8:00 pm. Where:       Max Technical Training, 4900 Parkway Dr. #160 Mason, OH.                     Click on the link for directions  http://www.maxtrain.com/directions/   June's Presentation PowerShell: This is isn’ [read].
Posted: Wed, Jun 1st '11
Book Review: SharePoint Branding in Practice
Mike Smith
  SharePoint Branding in Practice by Yaroslav Pentsarskyy   SharePoint "branders" range from graphics designers who see everything as "art" to developers who see everything as code. This book covers the area towards the developer side. This book frequently uses Visual Studio and C# code and expects basic HTML, CSS, C#, XML, SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio skills. Many of the examples [read].
Posted: Sun, May 29th '11
PowerShell is cool – how many images in a Word document.
Mike Smith
  Problem: How many screen captures do I have in my new book? (Just curious you know…) The Answer… PowerShell! A quick Bing and I found this: http://blogs.technet.com/b/heyscriptingguy/archive/2008/11/13/how-can-i-count-how-many-images-are-embedded-in-microsoft-word-documents.aspx   As I only need to check one file, I shortened the code to just this:   So now I know… I’ve created over [read].
Posted: Sun, May 22nd '11
Get Certified Now! (Exams are going to cost more soon…)
Mike Smith
  The primary Microsoft certification exams have cost $125 for a long time now. Starting July 1st they are going up to $150. You can lock in the current pricing for a while, get discounts from your favoriate MCT (10%) or take an exam or two at a 25% discount while you are at TechEd (details) next week! You can also get your exams as part of a certification bootcamp. (here’s two I’m leading: [read].
Posted: Wed, May 11th '11
April 20th SharePoint MVP Expert Chat
Mike Smith
  Q&A with the SharePoint MVP Experts Live! Do you have tough technical questions regarding SharePoint for which you're seeking answers? Do you want to tap into the deep knowledge of the talented Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals? The SharePoint MVPs are the same people you see in the technical community as authors, speakers, user group leaders and answerers in the MSDN and TechNet forums. [read].
Posted: Mon, Apr 18th '11
Microsoft Office 365 is Now in Public Beta!
Mike Smith
  It’s more than just SharePoint “in the cloud”!  Go take a look, and sign up! http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/online-software.aspx   . [read].
Posted: Mon, Apr 18th '11
SharePoint 2010 Menu IDs
Mike Smith
  Menus in 2010? Isn't there a ribbon now? SharePoint 2010 has ribbons everywhere… except for the Picture libraries and Surveys. Those two lists seem to have been overlooked in the upgrade process. Also the Site Actions button and the Welcome button still display menus and use the same techniques as commonly documented for SharePoint 2007 to hide, show and manipulate these menus. If you are [read].
Posted: Sat, Apr 16th '11
SharePoint 2007 Menu IDs
Mike Smith
  If you are writing client side JavaScript code to interact with the SharePoint menus you will need to know the IDs of the tags. Below are several tables with some of the IDs used by menu items. Remember that in the SharePoint page these will include a prefix that might look like "zz22_" or “ct100_”. If the ID you need is not listed here then view the source of your SharePoint [read].
Posted: Sat, Apr 16th '11
SharePoint 2010: Members Can Edit Web Parts and Pages (and how to prevent that)
Mike Smith
  So much of the core of SharePoint 2010 is the same as what we knew in SharePoint 2007 that we are quite surprised when we do run across a really odd change. In SP 2007 members could not edit the home page of the site or modify “shared” web parts.  Unless you removed their permission to do so, they could edit personal views of web parts, but not the shared web parts seen by all users. In SP [read].
Posted: Sat, Apr 16th '11
SharePoint Security Testing and Browser Use of Cookies
Mike Smith
or… How to really confuse your SharePoint security testing!   I was doing some testing with SharePoint security today and was reminded of something I wanted to blog about… browsers and cookies, especially SharePoint session cookies.   Sessions When you log on to SharePoint you establish a session on the web server to keep track of your visit. Without a session you would have to log on for [read].
Posted: Wed, Apr 6th '11
SharePoint: File Types Supported by Office Web Apps
Mike Smith
  I’ve had a few questions about the files and extensions supported by SharePoint’s Office Web Apps.   Quick Notes: Only Office 2007 and later formats supported: docx, xlsx, pptx, etc. Cannot create new documents, so dotx, etc not supported   Details: Rather than copy and paste someone else's work, I’ll just give you the link! http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2028380   For features that [read].
Posted: Tue, Apr 5th '11
If you missed SharePoint Cincy 2011…
Mike Smith
  SharePoint Cincy 2011 If you missed SharePoint Cincy 2011 then you missed out on a full day of everything SharePoint! Two fantastic keynote presentations from Microsoft and Kroger, twenty breakout sessions with speakers from all over the country and a fantastic group of sponsors. I have not forgotten the most important group… the attendees! There was networking and social collaboration going [read].
Posted: Sun, Mar 20th '11
SharePoint 2010 RSS Feed Reader using a Data Form Web Part
Mike Smith
  SharePoint Foundation does not include an RSS Viewer Web Part. But with SharePoint Designer 2010 you can easily create one using a Data Source and a Data Form Web Part.   Get the URL to the RSS feed Go to the site with the RSS feed you want to use Click the RSS icon or link to display the RSS feed Copy the URL from the browser’s address bar   Create a Data Source Open your [read].
Posted: Sat, Mar 19th '11
SharePoint Cincy – Last Chance to Sign Up!
Mike Smith
Only one day left! You’ve got to be registered to attend. SharePoint Cincy – March 18th, 2011   Northern Kentucky University’s Center for Applied Informatics and MAX Technical Training are bringing a major SharePoint event to the Cincinnati area! SharePoint Cincy will be held at the METS Center located in Erlanger, KY. The METS center is near the Cincinnati airport (CVG) and has lots of free [read].
Posted: Wed, Mar 16th '11
SharePoint, JavaScript and Dates
Mike Smith
  How does your SharePoint site display a date? The answer is… “it depends.”  Create a new task and schedule it for January 3rd, 2012. Now display the task list and see how the date is displayed. Do you see this   or this You would see the first if you had your SharePoint preferences (Regional Settings) set to a country where they enter dates as dd/mm/yyyy, such as France. To play [read].
Posted: Wed, Mar 2nd '11
SharePoint Datasheet View vs. 64 bit Office
Mike Smith
  If you try to use the SharePoint Datasheet view and get this error: The list cannot be displayed in Datasheet view for one or more of the following reasons: A datasheet component compatible with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation is not installed. Your Web browser does not support ActiveX controls. A component is not properly configured for 32-bit or 64-bit support. [read].
Posted: Tue, Mar 1st '11
SharePoint: Prevent the Closing of web parts
Mike Smith
  The following works in both SharePoint 2007 and 2010.   If you have worked with SharePoint for a while you probably have learned that in most cases Closing a web part is “bad” and Deleting a web part is “good”.  (Do a web search on “SharePoint web part close vs delete”.)   So how can you prevent the closing of a web part? How about five ways…   1) Every time you add a web part go to the [read].
Posted: Wed, Feb 23rd '11
SharePoint Cincy 2011 presenter list has been posted
Mike Smith
  Register now!  There is limited space available at the METS Center.   Speakers The speaker list is not complete yet. See here for the current list: http://www.sharepointcincy.com/presenter-information KEYNOTE SESSIONS: Microsoft Executive, Fred Studer, has P&L responsibility for a $6B portfolio of Information Worker (IW) products.  Come hear Fred discuss the strategic [read].
Posted: Wed, Feb 23rd '11
SharePoint 2010: What does the web part checkbox do?
Mike Smith
  Here’s a question for everyone… What does the checkbox in the web part title bar do?   In user interface design, checkboxes generally imply the ability to select more than one item at a time, but you can only check one web part at a time:   Clicking the checkbox while the page is in Edit mode does reveal the web part ribbon tab, but then so does clicking in the title bar of the web [read].
Posted: Wed, Feb 23rd '11
SharePoint 2010: Color Coded Calendars (updated!)
Mike Smith
  As I’m working on my customization book I am revisiting every one of my past “quick tips”. As I do so I am often finding a better way to do something. I ran into some issues working around the asynchronous loading of calendar events with the article below. After digging more into the code behind the calendar pages in 2010 I have found a much better way to trigger the color coding code, which [read].
Posted: Sun, Feb 20th '11
InfoPath 2010: "The following url is not valid"
Mike Smith
  There are bugs, and then there are DUMB bugs!   When you try to publish an InfoPath 2010 form to SharePoint, InfoPath may display this error: “The following url is not valid”, even if the URL is valid. The cause?  This Microsoft article says its because InfoPath ignores your URL and instead checks to see if there is a root level site collection. In other words, if you entered http:// [read].
Posted: Wed, Feb 9th '11
SharePoint 2010 Updated IT Pro CHM Help Files Available
Mike Smith
  The Microsoft SharePoint IT Pro documentation team has release a fresh copy of the SharePoint TechNet content as .CHM help files.   SharePoint Server: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyID=3629425d-1505-456e-89e2-ede95f75ffe5&displaylang=en   SharePoint Foundation: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyID=c8cf1631-0f48-4a02-a18d-54b04eb7f0a7& [read].
Posted: Sat, Feb 5th '11
SharePoint Cincy – Major SharePoint Event Coming to Cincinnati!
Mike Smith
  About time! We now have our own local event!   Northern Kentucky University’s Center for Applied Informatics and MAX Technical Training are bringing a major SharePoint event to the Cincinnati area! SharePoint Cincy will be held at the METS Center located in Erlanger, KY. The METS center is near the Cincinnati airport (CVG) and has lots of free parking.   See the site for the agenda, [read].
Posted: Sat, Feb 5th '11
SharePoint 2010 Internet Site Upgrade Watch Out!
Mike Smith
  I was just updating the list of regional SharePoint User Groups on the Cincinnati SharePoint User Group web site. I did a web search for each group, and then clicked the link… Many of the user group web sites looked to be inactive! But most likely they had updated from a SharePoint 2007 Team Site to SharePoint 2010 Team Site.   SharePoint 2010 Team Sites have two home pages!   In [read].
Posted: Mon, Jan 31st '11
Cincinnati SharePoint User Group Meeting
Mike Smith
  Next meeting: Thursday February 3, 2011 6:30 PM   February's Presentation Topic: Building an Optimized Internet Business Solution with SharePoint 2010 Abstract: This one hour presentation will cover Microsoft’s Digital Marketing Platform Strategy around: Web Content Management, Social and Web 2.0, Analytics, Commerce, Search and Digital Assets. Using the SharePoint Platform to deliver an [read].
Posted: Mon, Jan 31st '11
SharePoint: Group By on more than 2 columns in a view (SP 2010)
Mike Smith
  This is an update of an article written for SharePoint 2007. Many of the steps are the same in both 2007 and 2010, but both the SharePoint Designer steps and the default web part used for views have changed.   Group By on more than 2 columns in a view In my SharePoint classes I have often been of asked how to group on more than two levels in a view. I have always given the quick answer [read].
Posted: Sat, Jan 29th '11
SharePoint: Method 'Post' of object 'IOWSPostData' failed - Excel 2010 Excel Import problems
Mike Smith
  Updated… New version of Office, same old problem!  If you get the IOWSPostData error while trying to import an Excel range into SharePoint, then you need to patch an Excel macro file. The same fix for Office 2007 will also work for Office 2010.   Click here for the updated article…   . [read].
Posted: Sat, Jan 29th '11

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