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5 Reasons why you need to still use classic library experience
Rajesh Sitaraman
Here are my five points why I use the classic library experience even in a modern team site, or the site provisioned with office 365 groups. 1. Required columns are not required All the time we were evangelizing the use of the meta data and tagging the documents, in the modern experience the required fields are not mandatory. Check-in form is not shown to the user after the document is uploaded, so its user's discretion to use information panel to enter the required fields. Also the documen [read].
Posted: Wed, Mar 29th '17
Modern site page with out fat banner
Rajesh Sitaraman
I'm vivid user of modern teams sites, modern pages and started strongly recommending our clients to use Office 365 groups and modern team sites. I was also looking for some options to reduce the header banner. I came across Mikael Svenson's nifty #SPFx header configurator WebPart to configure header size. Created a nifty #SPFx web part for @SharePoint modern pages. pic.twitter.com/qVUbFLgw7I — Mikael Svenson (@mikaelsvenson) February 28, 2017 This approach uses the SharePoint framework and [read].
Posted: Sat, Mar 18th '17
Microsoft Flow - pause till date
Rajesh Sitaraman
Let's create a simple flow for the common scenario we encounter, send a notification on a certain date or wait till some date and perform an action. In SharePoint designer workflow, we use the "Pause until" step to perform this. Similarly in Microsoft flow we will use the action "Delay Until". Look at the below flow, we have action trigger whenever an item is created in the SharePoint list we will trigger the flow. Make sure to login with your Office 365 account when prompted. Provide th [read].
Posted: Thu, Mar 16th '17
Post SharePoint updates to Microsoft Teams using Flow
Rajesh Sitaraman
In this post, we will look into how to post the SharePoint updates to Microsoft Teams using Flow. Currently Flow works only on the Office 365 platform. For the SharePoint on-premises, we need to use the alternate like SharePoint designer workflow, that's another topic for another day. For this post we will post the custom list updates to teams channel, that is whenever a new item is added we will post an update that the new item is added along with its title. Lets get started with the Microso [read].
Posted: Fri, Dec 16th '16
Get Url parameter value in SharePoint calculated column
Rajesh Sitaraman
In this post, we will try to retrieve the query string parameter value from the url using the SharePoint calculated column. In the below formula I'm trying to read the value of the query string "DefaultView". So when using the formula, I have used "11" as index which is the length of "DefaultView", that needs to changed as per your parameter's length. [read].
Posted: Sat, Sep 24th '16
Server error: Server is more recent than the version of SharePoint Designer
Rajesh Sitaraman
Error When you try to open the SharePoint online site using the SharePoint Designer 2013, sometimes you might encounter the below error. Server error: The version of Microsoft SharePoint Foundation running on the server is more recent than the version of SharePoint Designer that you are using. You need a more recent version of SharePoint Designer Fix In order to fix it go to , File >> Account >> User Information >> Sign out and login again and restart the SharePoin [read].
Posted: Wed, May 11th '16
Dynamically Changing Content Search/Search Results WebPart's Query template
Rajesh Sitaraman
This is going to be a rather a small post, on how to change the query template for the content search webpart and Search results dynamically through javascript. The above code is more self explanatory, this approach works for both Content Search and Search Results WebPart. You can use like below to identify whether its a Content Search or Search Results WebPartif (this.displays[0] instanceof Srch.ContentBySearch) if (this.displays[0] instanceof Srch.Result) Download the complete cod [read].
Posted: Fri, Apr 29th '16
Create Image Renditions using CSOM
Rajesh Sitaraman
DOWNLOAD: Complete script can be downloaded from here We frequently use Image renditions, in our publishing sites. In this post let see how to create one using the client side object model. We will be using SetRenditions API which takes RenditionCollection and client context. The below script shows how to invoke the API. How to use the cmdlet .\Add-Rendition.ps1 -Url https://somesite.sharepoint.com/sites/rajesh -Title MyNewRendition -Width 240 -Height 280 DOWNLOAD: Complete script can be [read].
Posted: Fri, Apr 22nd '16
Azure WebJobs for Office 365 SharePoint Online
Rajesh Sitaraman
As part of the on-premises customizations, we develop SharePoint timer jobs for any operations which needs to be done on a regular interval. The Timer jobs are packaged as part of our full trust solutions. In Office 365 SharePoint Online full trust code are not supported, and there is no option for us to deploy our full trust custom solutions. So there is a need to look for alternate for these timer jobs which makes use of CSOM/REST client site APIs for accessing the SharePoint resources. As of [read].
Posted: Sat, Apr 16th '16
Export selected items to excel - Office 365/NodeJS version
Rajesh Sitaraman
Sometime back, I wrote a full trust code to export selected items to excel. It was written in the form of custom action in ribbon and a layouts application page which handles the actual excel file creation and providing it as response. The layouts application page actually uses server side APIs in order to read the list item values. It works perfectly fine for the SharePoint 2010 and 2013 on-premises instances, now it has become kind of old-school method. Office 365 or SharePoint/Office 365-D mo [read].
Posted: Thu, Apr 7th '16
Localizing in SharePoint Add-in with JavaScript
Rajesh Sitaraman
Let's consider a scenario of an Add-in development, it can be either SharePoint hosted or provider hosted. If we are looking for a localization, there are couple of approaches. If you are writing more ASP.net based add-in driven by code behind then resource files comes handy. This is more an old-school type, we have been doing this over decades and I not going to detail anything on this. More details can be found here - https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office/fp179919.aspx. Approaches de [read].
Posted: Fri, Oct 16th '15
Bulk creation of Publishing Pages using PowerShell CSOM
Rajesh Sitaraman
In this post, we will look how to create publishing pages in bulk using the PowerShell CSOM. A CSV file will be used as an input which holds the meta data details of the page to be created. I have created a simple CSV file with the below columns matching my page layouts fields. For simplicity and time saving I just created two rows which means just two pages. (You said bulk :-) ) I'm using plain text for the Publishing Page Content column, I think it should be fine with the html code too. SEE [read].
Posted: Sat, Mar 21st '15
Cross domain calls in Apps through Javascript
Rajesh Sitaraman
When you try to make a cross domain call to any resource hosted in different domain, then you encounter an issue with browser does not allow to access the resources due to "same-orgin policy". In order to overcome this issue in our javascript we can use the below model using SP.WebProxy. The below sample can be added to the site using CEWP or can be added to your app. Peace! [read].
Posted: Sat, Dec 6th '14
The site is not valid. The 'Pages' document library is missing.
Rajesh Sitaraman
Error I got a mail from one of our users, complaining they are not able to access the quick launch in their site and also getting the below error message when accessed navigation from the site settings. The site is not valid. The 'Pages' document library is missing. Most of you might be seeing an error occurred screen with a correlation ID. Fix After checking with the user, came to know that user tried to deactivate and activate the publishing feature in the site to fix some issue, a [read].
Posted: Tue, Feb 25th '14
Url Shortener Lite 1.1
Rajesh Sitaraman
After long time, I managed to update the Url Shortener app for SharePoint 2013. The current release versioned as 1.1. What's New? New custom action in ECB menu to generate short url for the documents. Bug fixes Some code optimizations for future enhancements. Download You can download it from here - http://office.microsoft.com/en-ca/store/url-shortener-lite-WA104047361.aspx Your reviews and ratings are much appreciated. [read].
Posted: Tue, Feb 18th '14
Setting default value for person column to current user in SharePoint 2013 using REST
Rajesh Sitaraman
Add a content editor WebPart to the New form of custom list and add the below code, replace line 18 SetUserFieldValue function parameter to your people picker column name. [read].
Posted: Wed, Sep 11th '13
Changing Discussion Folder Names in SharePoint 2010
Rajesh Sitaraman
Today, one of our users complained that after changing the subject of the discussion item, it still remains unchanged in the flat view breadcrumb navigation. After some analysis found the reason behind the issue, the discussion items are kept as folder (Discussion) if you then change the discussion name, it does not automatically update the folder name. We need to have custom solution for changing the folder name also when the subject is changed. In this scenario we need either workflow or event [read].
Posted: Fri, Sep 6th '13
The sandboxed code execution request was refused
Rajesh Sitaraman
I was setting up development VM for some SharePoint 2010 sandbox coding, everything went fine. I tried to activate my existing sandbox solution in one the site collection then I got the below error. The sandboxed code execution request was refused because the Sandboxed Code Host Service was too busy to handle the request. Looking at the message, it seemed familiar so first thing I checked is whether the "SPUserCodeV4" service was running in the machine, it seem like having any issue. So di [read].
Posted: Wed, Aug 7th '13
Export Selected Items to Excel release 1.2.0
Rajesh Sitaraman
I have worked on the updates for my component "Selected Items Export to Excel", most of the issues are mentioned by the users (Thanks for mentioning issues in comments). What's new in SharePoint 2010 Export Selected Items to Excel Release 1.2.0 Fixed Taxonomy field Single/Multiple values issues. Now supports the below templates Form Library Announcements Discussions Contacts Links Site Pages Tasks It can be downloaded from here - http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/office/ShareP [read].
Posted: Sun, Apr 7th '13
Configuring Search suggestions in SharePoint 2013
Rajesh Sitaraman
This post is about configuring the search suggestions in the SharePoint 2013 environment, I would be using SharePoint 2013 preview for this post. It would be the similar configuration for the on-premise environment as well. Steps Go to SharePoint Admin Center in Office 365, in case of on-premise go to the Central Admin >> Manage Service Applications >> Search Service Application >> Manage Go to Search administration Click on the link, "Query Suggestion Settings", you'll be [read].
Posted: Thu, Jan 10th '13
Export Selected Items to Excel Release 1.1.0
Rajesh Sitaraman
What's new in SharePoint 2010 Export Selected Items to Excel Release 1.1.0 Now this release supports Document library as well. Don't expect the document contents, its only the meta data Export to excel button in ribbon grouped inside the Action & Share group Eliminated the look-up column issue, previously showed the look-up values as ID;#Value to just as value Supports Multi-value look up columns Supports Multi-value people picker Supports Single/Multi-value Taxonomy field UTF8 [read].
Posted: Tue, Oct 30th '12
Another day in SharePoint Migration
Rajesh Sitaraman
Restricting video files in SharePoint Migration Requirement - We are migrating enterprise wide SharePoint 2003/2007 sites to SharePoint 2010. Migrated content has to go to new site structure, governance and in some cases the list/libraries level migration also needed, so we are relying on the 3rd party solutions for the migration. Leaving much on the background coming to the actual problem statement, one of the department decided to migrate large document library which has lot of videos. All the [read].
Posted: Tue, Oct 23rd '12
Exception logging in Office 365 - SharePoint Online custom solutions
Rajesh Sitaraman
Normally we use various logging options in SharePoint custom development, like writing to event log, ULS log, writing to developer dashboard, some use enterprise library logging block to write log to database as well. We don't have this freedom when developing sandbox solutions. Even in this case we can create full trust proxy to write logs to ULS and try to consume that in our sandbox solution. This works fine for the sandbox solutions which are deployed to the on premise environments, but in c [read].
Posted: Fri, Jul 6th '12
Get Online Access to 600 Microsoft Press books for $22.99
Rajesh Sitaraman
Get online access to 600 Microsoft Press books for $22.99. Details here.Its a online version alone and can download the chapters in the book based on tokens. It includes around 34 Microsoft press books available on SharePoint topic. [read].
Posted: Thu, Jun 21st '12
Not able to find Site collection term store group
Rajesh Sitaraman
Problem Not able to find the site collection term store group or Local term store group. I tried the below steps Checked on the Publishing Infrastructure feature, its already activated. So tried to create the Local term store group by adding managed meta data column to any list or library. Eventually creating this column will allow us to create the local term set. When I tried to do so faced the below issue "The default termstore for this site cannot be identified." Resolution [read].
Posted: Mon, Jun 18th '12
SharePoint 2010 - Export selected items to excel
Rajesh Sitaraman
In the SharePoint 2010 sites users will be able to export the custom list items to excel using the export to excel option in ribbon toolbar. It will export all the items in that particular view in which the option is invoked. SharePoint literally is not exporting the items it creates iqy query file instead, which will have the view id and helps to query the SharePoint list data and the results are shown in the excel spreadsheet. Now if I have a requirement something like, I need to export onl [read].
Posted: Fri, Jun 8th '12
Invoke WebService from PowerShell
Rajesh Sitaraman
Use the below to create the web service proxy Invoke the web method and pass parameter, here I have used the stock quote web service which responds with stock details for the supplied symbol. [read].
Posted: Sat, Apr 28th '12
Datasheet view not available in Office 365 (SharePoint online)
Rajesh Sitaraman
Some anonymous reader posted the below question on one of the blog post. I'm using the trial version of the SharePoint online in Office 365. I'm not able to see the data sheet view for the custom list I created. Any idea how to achieve this There should be no issues with the data sheet view of the list in SharePoint online, please make sure that you are using the level one browsers listed by MS for viewing the site. Use IE browser then you will be able to see the datasheet view. [read].
Posted: Wed, Feb 8th '12

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